🔶 2 - Cupcake 🔶

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Peacefully, the light element was reading a book about the planet Earth while eating a chocolate flavoured cupcake in his own room. His chocolate colored eyes were carefully scanning each words stated in the book, too focused on what he's currently reading at. He then flipped to the next page and at the same time, took a bite on his tasty, baked cupcake.

Not for long, he heard a knock on the door, causing Cahaya to stop from reading while looking at the door, frowning because he was in the middle of reading a book when he suddenly got interrupted. Sighing, he closed his book and placed his cupcake to the coffee table before getting up from his bed, walking towards the door and grabbed the doorknob, twisting it open. As he opened the door, his eyebrows furrowed.

There was nobody on the door.

He glanced to the left and to his right, but found nothing. However, when he glanced down, he was surprised to see his little fire elemental brother with both of his hands clasped together behind his back, staring at him with a big, round, puppy-looking crimson eyes while smiling cheekily.

"Big... bwother... Cahaya?" Api softly called. "Can... Api... stay... with... big... bwother...?" He asked, his eyes glistening. Cahaya sighed through his nose while pursing his lips.

'Well, I guess I can't deny my adorable-looking baby brother now, can I?' He thought as he chuckled silently. He then smiled heartily as he offered his hand to his little brother. "Sure. Come in." He gently said, winking at his young brother afterwards.

Api gasped in excitement and instead of holding to his big brother's hand, he ran towards his big brother and gave him a bear hug. "Yay!" He exclaimed, smiling widely. "Thank... you, Big... Bwother... Cahaya!"

The light element was shock by his little brother's sudden action but, his lips melted into a warm smile as he gently returned the hug back, ruffling his little brother's head afterwards. "Yeah, no worries, Api." He stated, chuckling lightly.

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"Ear...Ear...." The fire element uttered, his crimson colored eyes squinted while trying to read the title of the book Cahaya was reading. "Ear....th..."

Thr light element smiled widely, closing his book slightly and looked at his little brother. "Nice one, Api! You're doing well in reading and spelling words now!" He cheerfully said, making Api smile widely as he clap his small hands in joy, in which Cahaya stared at his little brother in awe..

"Just continue doing a great job, alright?" The light element stated, earning a nod from his youngest brother while smiling gleefully. Cahaya then turned to look back at the book he was reading, flipping again to the next page.

Api's eyes then wandered around his big brother's room, his mouth gaped a bit while looking at each of Cahaya's furnitures, posters and other stuffs one by one. Few moments later, his eyes then stopped at what his big brother is holding and stared at it while his mouth started drooling. He was gazing at Cahaya's chocolate cupcake in hand, and felt his tummy rumbled from the inside.

"C... C.... Cup..." The fire element uttered while pointing at the cupcake, making the light element took a peek at his little brother. "C... Cup.. cake..." Api said, pouting cutely while staring at his big brother's chocolate cupcake.

Cahaya hummed and looked at the cupcake he is holding then back at his little brother. "You want some cupcake?" He asked, his little brother nodding eagerly in response.

The light element chuckled softly as he closed his book and set down his cupcake to his side, sitting up from his bed before carrying his little brother up, placing him on his legs. He then took his chocolate cupcake and gave it to his little brother.

"Here." He muttered, smiling genuinely at Api.

The fire element gasped once more and smiled widely, gently taking the cupcake from his big brother's hand and took a small bite. The light element on the other hand, hugged his young brother closely to him, cuddling him while his chin was placed on top of his little brother's head.

"Big... bwother... Cahaya...?" Api called, making the light element hum in response. The fire element turned around and faced his big brother, raising both of his small hands while holding the chocolate cupcake with a happy smile. "We... share!" He bubbly said, grinning adorably.

Dumbfounded, Cahaya looked at the chocolate cupcake then at his little brother. He felt his heart melted after hearing those two simple words that came from his one and only little brother, Api. His lips formed a sad smile, gently taking the cupcake from his little brother's hands.

"Thanks, Api..." He wholeheartedly said, planting a soft kiss to his little brother's head before taking a bite to the cupcake both him and Api share.

"You're... welcome, big... bwother... Cahaya!"


Their eyes are supposed to be brown actually... Cuz, their eyes are brown in color on their first tiers. My mistake... ^^"

And... //sighs happily

I think I'm in love with this duo rn... 💕

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