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I started to shiver while staring at the snow in absolute awe . I looked across to see Ace looking at me . A smile was planted on his face as he gazed at me . "Ace" I shouted with a happy tone since he was a good distance away from me , due to me running around .

"Sofia" he shouted back , his hands cupped around his mouth . "Tomorrow I have to go to a dance with a 15 year old , but after can we go to a skiing ?" I yelled at him with a questioning tone . "I've never skiing" he shouted back , making my jaw drop to the ground .

"Really!" I shouted back at him . He shook his head . I widened my eyes in surprise before I smiled at him with my head tilted slightly . He ran at me and I screamed happily , trying to sprint away . He caught up with me in seconds . He grabbed my hips , lifting me off the ground and spinning me in the air . I laughed uncontrollably while he spun us , with a smile plastered on his face . He slowly lowered me with his arms around my waist now . 

"We're going skiing tomorrow" I shrieked happily with a grin . "If that's what you want to do for Christmas Eve , then we'll do it" he kissed my cheek , his tears now dry and delight taking over the sadness .

"I don't want to cut this short but can we go somewhere warm?" I asked , holding my arms while trying not to shiver . "Oh shit , yeah" he noticed I had no jacket . He took off his tux coat off and wrapped it around me . I slid my arms into the sleeves , but it was too big on me . The sleeves were longer than my hands .

"I know the coat is wet but the inside is pretty dry" he reassured me . "But you'll get cold" I pouted slightly, I didn't want him to get sick because of my clumsy ass forgetting my jacket. The jacket was already warm from his body heat . "I don't care about me" he uttered , walking towards the car . I jogged slightly catching up to him . He grabbed my hand , intertwining our fingers . I glanced at the tattoo's on his fingers . I could barely read the letters . I noticed the rings on his hand , he had a silver one on his middle finger of his right hand.

Ace was half Italian , his mother was from New Jersey and his father was from Italy . I don't know how they ended up together but I'm assuming it had to do with the Mafia of course . I'd say his Italian side is more dominant than his American .

I stumbled into the car , my hair dripping and my cheeks rosey red from the cold but I wouldn't change anything. Snow was starting to fall so fast that the rain couldn't melt it . It was sticking to the ground . The snow flakes floated so gently so gently in air , their only mission to reach the ground. They have one purpose and one goal . I wish our lives were as simple as snowflakes. Our one goal , to find our soulmate . Our one purpose to be with them .

I gawked out the window in disbelief at the beauty of the snow. How it made everything prettier. I turned to Ace to see him admiring my body due to the dress that was basically glued to my body because it was soaked . You could see where my hips curved more clearly now than before . Yes, my dress was skin tight but it wasn't plastered to me like the dress is now.


I struggled to get the dress off of my body . I had to peel it down past my hips and then let it just drop to the ground . I looked through my dresser to see I had no clothes to sleep in . I found my small pajama shorts but I couldn't find a shirt. Ace's room was right across from mine . Could I make it without anyone seeing me . I was in my bra so they wouldn't see anything but is it worth getting a scolding off Ace ?. Yeahhh .

I opened my door and peaked my head out to the hallway , cautious. I tiptoed across and opened Ace's door , closing it behind me .

I searched through Ace's dresser and found a t-shirt he didn't wear . I slipped it on and was about to leave until the door opened . Ace stood infront of me with a beer bottle in his hand . "Why are you in here?" His eyebrows frowned , questioning me . "This" I pointed at his shirt with a smile . Ace nodded

I didn't mind when Ace drank alcohol mainly because it relaxed him. "Do you want to come downstairs?" He asked before I walked out . "No I think I'm just going to sleep" I smiled at him slightly then leaving . I saw a hint of disappointment appear on his face .

"Actually- I'll come down for a few minutes" I muttered holding my bedroom door handle . I couldn't bare to disappoint him even slightly . "I need to ask Chase and Grayson about the dance anyways" I shrugged . I was exhausted but I could stay downstairs for awhile longer . Plus it was only 8pm so if I went to bed now, the chances of me waking up in the middle of the night are very likely.

Ace's t-shirt made it look like I had no shorts on underneath it due to it being so baggy. It smelled like his musky cologne which I adored . I was praying that I didn't have nightmare tonight since I was exhausted .

I sank into the chair letting all my worries fade away; Ace sitting across from me . Dante, Ice, Ashton, Chase, Ella and Grayson were all sitting on the couches around me. They were all chatting when Ace spoke up after sitting silently for a few minutes, taking sips out his beer bottle . All the guys had beers except Chase and Grayson of course , and Ella was drinking wine .

"So Chase , I heard you wanted to take my girl to prom?" Ace asked with questionable face . I couldn't tell if he was angry, overprotective or ok with it . I think he was all three . "Yeah" Chase replied loudly. He wasn't afraid to admit it .

"So what time does the dance start at ?" Ace asked curiously. "2pm" Chase took out his phone , obviously not wanting to speak about it anymore . I seen Ace clench his jaw . He didn't like being ignored and I don't think he definitely wasn't used to it. "Put down your phone Chase" Ashton scolded Chase , snatching his phone from his hands . Grayson just sat in the corner , not paying attention to anything in the room.

"What time will you have her back by ?" Ace questioned him with a stern tone . "6pm at the latest" .

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