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I thought giving a little information about my original characters would be a good idea. Flora has the most information, because she's the main character.
Lena and Nitri will appear in the next chapter, and they are Flora's best friends.

Name: Flora Crestal
Age: 21 years
Height: 170 cm
Appearance: Flora has long chestnut brown hair, tan skin and amber eyes. Her body type is over in hour glass, but not as curvy.
Personality: Flora is a very sweet person. She wants to do the best for everyone, and will put other peoples needs before hers. She's also very stubborn, and can go great length with it.
Childhood: Flora grew up in a giant home on the countryside. Her parents kept her marks hidden, from day one, and she has always lived like that. No one knew about her marks, and she was teased for always wearing long sleeves, even in the summer. Flora didn't have many friends after she skipped 5th grade and moved right up to 6th. Everyon thought she was weird, stuck up or annoying, because of it. She finished 9th grade at the age of 14, and lived 2 years with trying out different hobbies. Even though she was done with school, her parents decided that she should continue her school life, when she was 16 like everyone else. It was so it didn't bring more attention to her, than it already had.
When she turned 18, Flora moved out of her house, and got her own small apartment in the big city. It was a risky move, but she hasn't been caught, yet.

Name: Lena Tenebris
Age: 19 years
Height: 180 cm
Appearance: Lena's hair is short, dark purple hair with a white streak, her skin is pale as Europeans can be and her eyes are brownish with a white ring around the pupil. She's tall, but not slim as a stick. She has some figure.
Personality: Lena is usually very chill and calm. She prefers being alone, or in less public places, because large groups make her nervous. Unless Nitri is with her. Then she can look past her introverted side.

Name: Nitri Pleagus
Age: 17 years
Height: 155 cm
Appearance: Nitri is short. Also she her hair is pink and always looks wild, but not messy. She has fair skin, blue eyes and a small curvy body. Did I also say she's short?
Personality: Nitri is the life of the party. She's energetic, funny and a dance monkey. She can easily get very hyped, and may seem very naive and childish. Don't worry. She can be serious, but only when she finds it relevant.
Nitri is also loud 85% of the time.

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