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"That means I can book our log cabin at 8" Ace stated to me . "We're staying in a cabin" I gasped excitedly from the corner of the room . I think I'm secretly a 3 year old in a 17 year olds body . It's the first time I've spoken since I came down here. "Yeah" Ace said with a happy tone but no smile . I can't expect him to smile at me all the time . He's only getting used to smiling around me let alone around his friends that probably see him smile , only when he's drunk .

Then again he did have a beer in his hand .

"Sofia , do you want something to drink?" Ice asked . I didn't even know he acknowledged me when I sat in the room . "Yeah please" I nodded . "See Ace , she has manner" Ice shoved the side of Ace's head playfully while walking past to get me a drink . "Be careful, she's a lightweight" Ace yelled into the kitchen warningly . I shot Ace a sharp and harsh glare . "What it's true" Ace shrugged .

"Sofia what colour is your dress?" Chase uttered , taking his phone back off his dad . "Black" I responded hesitantly . I was afraid that Ace would try and pick on him again but instead he took a sip of his beer and shut his eyes .

Ice came back in with Coke mixed with vodka . "I told you not to give her anything strong" Ace hissed at him , being protective of me . "She's a big girl Ace , she can handle it" Ice rolled his eyes , handing me the cup . I took a small gulp and it burned my throat slightly but I didn't let Ace notice simply because he'd worry about me drinking it . I took small sips from the plastic cup . I seen Chase and Grayson talking and laughing. I think this was the first time I had witnessed them getting along .

"Sofiaaaaa" a drunk Ella called out to me . I turned to her , giving her my attention. "Come.... sit" she patted the empty sofa beside her . I glanced at Ace who was talking with Dante and Ice , probably about business because it's all he does. "Come on , I won't bite I promise" she grinned with her teeth . I stood up hesitantly and walked over to her . The wooden floorboards were pretty creaky .

I didn't really like being around people when they were drunk because it reminded me too much of my father . Why would I want to be around people who were drunk when I had to deal with an alcoholic at home . An abusive alcoholic.

"How did you meet Ace?" I asked her with a soft tone . "Our families were friends. We seen that Ace had a lot of pressure on him when he was 16 so we became friends with his father to keep an eye on him , to make sure he didn't crumble under the pressure , and he didn't" Ella rambled while drunk . Ace caught my eye while Ella continued to ramble about him. He looked me up and down like I was a meal , ready to be eaten . I have only seen Ace drunk once before , and he was funny when he was drunk . But this time he's .... more aggressive. And it scared me .

I broke eye contact with him , changing my glance to the floor . I saw him turn his attention back to Ice and Dante who were arguing about if pizza was better than burgers ?.

Grayson came down and sat on the other side of me . "She talks a lot when she's drunk" Grayson rolled his eyes . "So what age are you ?" I asked him . "I'm 15 turning 16 next month . Chase has only gone 15" Grayson explained . "Are you and Chase friends ?" I questioned him . I was genuinely curious to know his answer because they constantly argue with eachother . I think I hit a nerve with Grayson because he didn't respond . His voice was decently deep for his age.

"We um ..... we were best friends" He smiles slightly at the thought of Chase and him when they were younger. "We would even sleep in the same bed sometimes when we were 3" he laughed lightly . "But then we got older , and Chase.....well , Chase only got kinder and smarter . He's passing all his classes with ease and I'm proud of him you know . I don't hate him". There was a silent pause for a brief moment.

"But I got older and all I got was angrier . I couldn't pass the easiest class if I tried so I don't . I have all these built up emotions and for some reason they keep wanting to explode when I'm around him specifically" Grayson shook his head .

"I don't mean to hurt him , but I can't control it" he shut his eyes regretfully. "You know what I think you are...... , and don't get angry at me . I think you're jealous of Chase" I uttered , not wanting him to feel like I'm degrading him by saying that . He scowled at me before saying "why would I be jealous of him , his mom is some whore who left him at our fathers doorstep" . The whole room fell silent . Grayson slapped his hand to mouth in shock of what he just said . My jaw was open slightly and Chase just blinked at Grayson .

"You didn't just say that" Chase looked heartbroken. "I'm sorry , I didn't-" Chase jogged out of the room leaving Grayson's sentence unfinished , I couldn't help but feel partly responsible. I made him angry which caused him to burst . Ace's stare met mine . He was probably wondering what I did . "Grayson Carter you did not just say that about your brother" Ella gawked in absolute shock . Grayson pulled at his hair angrily . "Fuck this" he yelled storming out .

All the attention turned towards me . "What did you do Sofia" Dante glared at me . "Leave her alone Dante" Ace growled , hitting him over the back of the head . I didn't mean to make him upset or angry .

Ella and Ashton just looked wide eyed at my direction but I was too busy playing with my hands. I got up and left because I felt uncomfortable with everyone's eyes on me .

I took a deep breath as I stood in the bathroom , look in the mirror . That was intense . I rolled my eyes and waited a few minutes .

An: sorry for the later update guys , I had jiujitsu training.

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