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A knock on the door startled me .

"Hey Sofia , it's Ice , I was checking up on you to see if you were okay" .

Ice has never willingly checked up on me before . "Did Ace send you?" I asked sitting on the toilet , with the cover for the seat down so that it was holding me up . I wasn't upset or anything , I needed at breather .

I opened the bathroom door . "I'm fine" I spoke with a happy tone . "I just needed to get away from everyone" I sighed walking out of the bathroom and into the kitchen . I jumped up onto one of Ace's high chairs in his kitchen . Ice just stood there , awkwardly.

"Ice you can go back inside , I'm ok" I laughed . "I know , but I want to get to know you , I want to get to know why Ace is so obsessed with you" . "I don't mean that in a bad way , I just don't understand. He's been with hundreds of girls and he chooses you , why?" .

Ice had a good point . Why does he like me .

I gulped at Ice's questions because I didn't really know how to answer that. "You'll have to ask him , I don't even like me" I uttered, staring at the floor . Ice let out a long groan , staring at me and rolling his eyes . "Would you just shut up , you're gorgeous, you're kind , you care . I just wanted to see what you'd answer and congrats , you passed selfless check" he sounded angry .

"Okayyy then" I smiled . I realised I had left my drink inside. "I'm going to get my drink" I grinned hopping down from the table . Ice just called me gorgeous? . That was weird.

I decided to leave my drink and go upstairs to check on Grayson . I felt bad and I couldn't leave him upset . I tapped my knuckles against his door twice . I think this was the room he was staying in . "No" he yelled , throwing something at the door . "It's Sofia" I leaned against the door . He opened it slowly , a creek echoing down the hall . "Hey" I said quietly , sealing my lips back together immediately after the word left my mouth.

"I'm so stupid" he flopped on his bed , letting out a hopeless sigh . "I'm the heir to the empire that my dad has created and I treat people like they're objects, even my own brother" he groaned angrily , pulling a pillow over his face . "You're holding so much anger inside you" I stared at him shocked at how a 15 year old could be so angry . "I blame my dad" he rolled his eyes . "Him and his stupid genetics" Grayson pulled at his hair frustratedly. He seemed to do that a lot . He should probably stop doing that unless he wants to be bald by 20 .

"How do you know your father gave the anger gene to you ?" I questioned . I was quite curious to be honest . Apparently Ashton had anger issues too but Grayson says that he never got to see them because Ella helped him control them . I don't think I could do that with Ace .

I don't think I could control him . He has all the control over me........but not enough to make me jump into a fire .

Grayson explained how when he gets angry , it just bursts . It's not like a slow , rising anger . It's a sudden burst that he doesn't feel . This was weird to listen to . He was explaining to me how he doesn't feel anger, but still gets angry ? . I listened anyways because sometimes all we need is someone to listen . Someone who won't judge you for what you say in the spur of the moment .

"I fuck everything up , all the time . I'm so flawed" Grayson whined , sitting on the bed , a look of defeat flooding his face. "I think you need to go apologise to Chase" I spoke up while Gray just sat on the bed , staring blankly out of the window . "He won't forgive me , I've never said anything like that about him before , I never even thought of it , it just came out of my mouth in the spur of the moment" .

"I don't care about his mom or my mom . We're family by bond if not by blood" He ran his hand over his forehead .

"I think you should be telling him this" I suggested , patting Grayson's shoulder . Grayson jumped up and before he could run out , I stopped him . "You're not flawed , you just need to learn control" I smiled softly , getting a thumbs up in response .

He sprinted down the hall . The only reason I know he sprinted was because I could hear the thuds from his footsteps getting faster they faded down the hall . I let out a sigh before my checking the time ; 7:45 . I wandered into my room and lay in the bed , scrolling through my phone for awhile .

About 2 hours had passed and I think Grayson and Chase made up . I scrolled through my phone before watching YouTube . I was getting sleepy when the door creaked open , making me jump . I shot up and stared at the figure of a person standing at my door . It was so dark I couldn't tell who it was.

Then , out of nowhere, the figure sprinted towards me , screaming . I pulled the blankets over my head and before I lifted them , I heard Ace erupt into laughter. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest .

I grabbed the edge of the blankets and peered out from over them to see Ace who could barely breathe because he was laughing so hard . I have never heard him laugh uncontrollably, it caused a smile to appear on my face even though I wanted to kill him .

I smacked his arm repeatedly, knowing that it wouldn't hurt him but show him I was upset .

" shit yourself" he said breathless.

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