🔶 4 - Little Prankster 🔶

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[Cahaya's POV]

Who doesn't get tired when your youngest sibling always bother you whenever you're doing something?

Well, I've been into many situations where my little brother would scare me off, especially when I'm about to turn on the lights from a room.

Hayst... It's really a troublesome when you have a little brother who's born a mischievous prankster.

<~> = <~>

I was going downstairs towards the basement because my mom told me that I need to get the laundry done. As I reached the end of the stairs, I immediately glanced sideways to find the switch to illuminate the dusky ground floor of our house. I tried to search for the switch by reaching my hand on the walls.

When I felt a box-like thingy that my hand had touched, one of my fingers quickly slid down the switch, pressing the on button of it. When the whole room lighted up, I felt two hands clasped on my shoulders which caused me to yelp and scream in horror.



As I turned around, I saw my six-year-old little brother laughing loudly with his hands clutched on his stomach while I was there, creeped out as I felt my vellus hairs from my arms stood up.

"API! YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!" I exclaimed, glaring at him.

Api only laughed more like there's no tomorrow while wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Peace, Big Brother!" He cheerfully said, making a peace sign as he said it.

<~> = <~>

And even when me and my family are watching horror movies, my naughty little brother would scare me already before a jumpscare from the movie would even frighten me.

<~> = <~>

I was hugging a soft pillow, burying half of my face on it while watching a horror film that was suggested by my family to have a family time together. The whole living room was so dark, I can barely see a thing. My whole body was trembling a bit while staring at the screen, then glanced to my family and to my little brother-- who's seated right beside me-- and saw them that they're into the movie we're watching.

Then, an intense, terrifying music from the movie made the whole atmosphere petrifying, with a scene where I think that there's a one-hundred percent possibility that there will be a jumpscare that would show up soon. What makes it horrifying is the freaking eerie music that gives me freaking goosebumps already.

Too much negative thoughts that I've been thinking that sooner or later, there will be a jumpscare happening while watching the movie, I didn't even notice my little brother isn't beside me anymore. All of the sudden, I felt two hands making its way to my shoulders, and made me startled when someone whispered, "Cahaya..."

Instantly, I jumped out from the couch and landed my back on the ground, groaning in pain afterwards. Immediately, all the lights from the living room turned on, with the movie that we were watching was paused. I then looked up and saw mom and dad's confused faces, which made me looked down and blushed in embarrassment.

Not for long, I heard a giggle and of course, I knew who it is from. I glanced at my little brother, whose lips were covered by his small hands while laughing silently. I gave him a threatening glare right away, which made him smile cheekily and made a peace sign again.

<~> = <~>

Up until now, he's still pranking me everywhere I go, and to whatever I'm doing. But, honestly, I don't want him to change. His little pranks makes him who he is, and they remind me that my little brother is always there, making me feel that I'm not alone at all since he's presence is already enough for me.

But if pranking is what makes him happy and enjoy his cheerful life, I'll let him be. Because, I only want to see him have fun, enjoying his childhood life when he wants to, with a wide, joyful smile plastered on his face. I just love seeing his happy-go-lucky self everyday.

Heh, funny how I'm more older than him but I'm more of a scaredy cat whenever he scares my butt off. But, when I have the time, I'm sure I'll get my revenge to my young brother soon. My punishment for him? It's his worst punishment ever: The non-stop tickles. So, don't mess with this handsome and smart boy who shines brighter than the sun.

And of course, don't ever mess with my little brother, Api, because I'll make sure, that person who messes with him will never get to see another day again. Which only means, I'll make that person's eyesight blind when something bad happens to my one and only young brother.

The reason why I'll have to do that it's because, that's how I love my little brother so much. With all of my heart. And, I'll do everything just to make him happy and safe. I'll protect him no matter what, even if it means sacrificing my whole life or taking a bullet for him just to save Api. I'll never let anything bad happened to my little prankster, who's my little brother.

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