🔶 5 - My Life with Api 🔶

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[Cahaya's POV]

Over these past years of my life, I've never felt so much better, now that my little brother, Api is always by my side everytime. Api never leaves my side, he never does (well, except for school of course), and he'll never will. He just loves staying with me everyday, and to be honest, I do enjoy his company with me.

If he always does this, I'm more glad to do the same for him. If he needs help, I'll always be there to help him. If he wants or needs a hug, I'll never hesitate to wrap my arms around hum and cuddle him for how long it takes, as long as he feels my warmth and comfort for him. And, if he feels lonely, I'll be there to accompany him so he'll never feel alone. As long as I'm here, I'll do everything for my little brother to live a free and happy life.

Wherever he goes, I go. Whatever he wants, I'll acquiscencely give it to him. I'll sacrifice what I have just for my little brother, just to see his wide smile plastered on his face everyday.

How much I love him? It's bigger than the whole universe out there. I love him wholeheartedly, even when he plays tricks or pranks at me. I don't care, I just love him, and I'm too selfish to give him to anyone.

The first time I saw him, when he was born in this world, I already knew that we'll get along pretty well. I can already imagine my life with him; the unforgettable memories we'll be sharing with one another and the times we would always have each other's back. I can already see them in reality.

I can clearly remember that I kept begging for my mother to have a baby brother because first of all, I felt lonely. Second of all, I didn't want to be the only child in the family. And lastly, I was honestly jealous whenever I get to see some other kids who have younger siblings playing with them. Thankfully, my longing desire has been heard and given.

Having a sibling can also be a troublesome sometimes, but that doesn't mean I already hate him. I actually want him to stay that way. To let him be who he is and I'm giving that freedom for him. Who knows? You'll totally miss it and you'll really regret it in the end.

My life with Api has really been a journey. We have each other whenever we go for some amazing adventures, or do different, incredible things together. You know my little brother, he just loves trying new awesome things and going on breathtaking adventures.

Most of all, I really hoped that we could travel back in time to experience those wonderful things again. I wished for the existence of time travel though, not gonna lie. Speaking of existence, I was thinking of creating one in the future though, and if I successfully did, I could just use it anytime I want just to feel the same thing again. But truly, that's impossible as we only live once, but those loving memories we experienced will never be forgotten.

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Currently, I'm sitting on a wooden bench in the park while reading a fiction book, with my seven-year-old little brother, Api beside me who's licking his chocolate flavoured ice cream I'd bought for him. He seems to be enjoying the ice cream I'd bought for him, while leaning on my shoulder comfortably. I continued reading silently, as I feel the calmness of this peaceful atmosphere around us.

Shortly after, Api had finished his ice cream and lied down on the bench, his head resting on my lap. I paused from reading for a while and glanced at my little brother for a few minutes. Api curved a cute grin as I faced him, in which I returned a warm smile at him.

Moments later, his brows knitted, his once happy expression face turned into a colorless, gloomy one. His sad, crimson, round eyes stared at my hazel brown orbs, making me feel anxious on the inside. Concerned, I asked.

"What's wrong, Api...?"

It took a few seconds before my little brother replied.

"What if..." He trailed off as few sobs escaped from his lips, warm tears slowly started to trickle down his face.

"What if... what?" I asked once more, as I feel more anxious as time goes by.

"What if... you have forgotten about me?" He softly responded, sniffling afterwards. "What if, you don't love me anymore like you used to? What if you wouldn't care about me anymore? What if..." I cut him off as I immediately dropped my book beside me and lifted him up, hugging him tightly and tried comforting my distress little brother.

"What if you don't need me anymore...?"

That's when I thought. What if he's right? What if those things he said were true? What will happened between us?

I shook those negative thoughts off as I continued calming Api down.

"No, those things that you've said, they won't happened, and I cannot let them happened." I gently said, gently stroking my young brother's soft hair. "I will never leave you. I will never forget about you. I will always love you with all of my heart." I added, soothing my little brother, which made him feel calm a bit.

All of the sudden, a tear escaped from my eyes.

I felt fear.

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