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[Cahaya's POV]

For the first time in my life, I felt fear. Scared, because one day, I might be forgetting him without even noticing it. I fear that one day, it would happened.

I don't know why but every time I'm trying to be positive, it makes me think negatively instead. All what Api just told me can be or may be possible to happened one day. Or, am I just exaggerating with my thoughts too much?

I don't want to lose him, especially with the precious memories we've created together. I can't, and I won't. Api means everything to me, and I won't let someone nor something else change that.

Being with my little brother is all I ever wanted. I may have obsession with books and science but, Api matters the most. He's my number one favourite among all than my beloved, newly-bought, fiction books.

Presently, I'm making my way back to our home quietly, while carrying my little brother who's asleep as he got tired from all the weeping he did on my arms. I can hear his soft snores perfectly in rhythm, as he snuggled closer to me and tightened his wrap around my neck. I gently brushed his fuzzy dark brown hair, while continuing to walk towards our destination.

As I arrived home, I carefully opened the door and went inside, closing the door behind me quietly afterwards. Then, I silently went up the stairs, going to my little brother's own bedroom and opened the door from it noiselessly. The moment I entered the room, I went towards his bed and slowly, removed his arms around my neck and gently lifted him up, placing him down on his bed afterwards.

Carefully, I pulled up the covers and wrapped it around my little brother's body for warmth. I sighed deeply, staring down sadly at my little brother's sleeping figure with a heavy heart.

'He looks so peaceful...' I thought as I looked at him, pursing my lips.

I took a glance at my little brother once more before turning around, exiting his bedroom quietly.

I thought of going back to my room and distract myself with some books for me to just stop thinking negatively. Silently, I walked my way towards my room and before I could even touch the doorknob of my door, my parents called me from downstairs.

"Cahaya! Can you come down here for a moment?" My mom said, urgently.


I swiftly went down the stairs and was greeted by my parents with wide grins plastered on their faces infront of me. I looked at them, puzzled.

"What is it, Mom? Dad?" I asked.

My mom then showed me what it seems to be my report card from school. "You've done a great job, honey!" She cheerfully said, smiling sweetly at me afterwards. "Keep up with these high scores, alright?" She added, as she widened her smile more.

"Since you did your best," My dad then spoke, curving a proud grin and took something from his pocket, revealing some great amount of money to me. "Here's your reward!"

My eyes widened in surprise with my jaw dropping at the same time. No freaking way... There's no freaking way! My parents just gave me a good amount of money just for having high scores in my report card?! That's unexpected! And exciting at the same time!

I gently but eagerly took the money given by my dad and gripped on it tightly, a wide, delighted smile formed on my lips.

"Thank you so much!" I happily exclaimed, hugging the cash in hand on my chest.

And that's when I thought...

I want more of this.


I was about to publish this yesterday but then, I fell asleep while I was in the middle of writing this chapter...😅

Btw, I won't be able to update next week because we'll be taking our summative tests and I really need to focus on those first. Hope I won't be procrastinating while I'm in the middle of answering my tests...😂😅 Aaaaaand, wish me luck! \>w</ 💖

See ya, guyz!~ 💕

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