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Jungki carries his son in his embrace, smiling while looking at the purple eyes he had. His wife also smiled when she saw how her husband was interacting with his son, happy that he accepted him.
"What kind of wolf is he?" Hyeguk asks, looking at his husband. Jungki shrugged, rocking the baby jn his arms.
"I still don't know, but he'll be showing when he grows up" The younger said to his wife, continuing to rock the baby.

A few years later...

"Baby! Breakfast!" Little Jungkook heard his mother's yell before he walked downstairs, being careful to not trip and hurt himself. He walked inside the kitchen, getting startled when his father scared him.
"Dada, bad!" Jungkook said, being lift up and spun around. He giggled, holding onto his father's neck so he wouldn't fall.
"Mama, Dada scared Ggukie!" Jungkook said, his father dramatically gasping.

"Don't worry, Mama will scold Dada later" Hyeguk said, pinching her husband's side. Jungkook giggled at his father's pained expression, asking to be put down. He was then put down on his high chair, his mother making sure to put his bib on. He was then fed by his father who was on his side, making sure to be close so the boy wouldn't do anything.

"Done!" Jungki said, pinching his son's cheeks, the boy scrunching his nose which made him more adorable. Hyeguk watched as her husband and son interacts, not noticing the plate that was almost falling. She turned around, hitting the plate. She closed her eyes, waiting to hear the glasses shattering but she didn't hear any. She opened her eyes, only to see her son looking at the plate with his brows furrowed.

Jungki and Hyeguk stops, looking at their son's hair that changed to color white, his eyes also turning into the said color. They looked at each other when the plate was placed back on the counter.

"He's a white omega"

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