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We waited in the car for Chase and Grayson to get in . They both got in at the same time , arguing about something but I was too busy playing with my hands to notice . I was bouncing my knee nervously as the anxiety slowly grew inside me .

I didn't feel so good anymore .

The drive was long since we had to go to Chase and Grayson's school that was practically 2 hours away . I got increasingly anxious, the closer we got. I think Ace could see my worry . He was the only one who could read me like a book or notice my stress . I took a deep breath and let it out slowly , trying to calm down .

"You really think I'd let you go to a dance without some of my guards there?" He tried to console my stress . A weight was lifted off my shoulder . "And Terry will be there" Ace grabbing my hand while he started to drive.

Grayson and Chase were too into their phones to notice me and Ace .

"Nothing will happen" he reassured me as we pulled up outside the school five minutes later. "Ok" I responded with a shakiness in my voice . Grayson and Chase hopped out . I seen Grayson greet a young pretty girl who was wearing a emerald green dress . That's why his tie is green . Chase waited outside for me .

"Kiss me" Ace grabbed my chin , turning my attention back to him . I pressed my lips against his , taking in the last few moments that I had left with him until I got home . He broke the kiss and pecked my forehead. He embraced me tightly , hugging me so that there was no distance between us ; We were one . "I promise I'll protect you until my eyes close for the last time" he whispered in my ear as I held him in my arms . A lot of things had changed since the last dance . A lot of things .

I looked at his face to see lipstick on his lips from where I had kissed him . A grin spread across my face while I looked at him . "What" he asked , scowling at me defensively . "You might have a bit of lipstick on your face" I giggled , jumping out of the car quickly , not giving him enough time to respond . I saw him try to wipe it off but fail to get all of it . He watched me walk with Grayson and Chase. "Chase Carter" Ace yelled from his car window . Chase turned around , showing Ace that he had his full attention. "Take care of my girl" he yelled before driving off. Chase shook his head with a smile .

"Who is this?" I asked Grayson , referring to the girl beside him . "Her name is Zaiya , she's my date" he smiled happily , holding her hand . They look cute together . "What's your name?" Zaiya asked curiously. "I'm Sofia" I smiled politely , shaking her hand . "You don't look 15 , I don't mean to be rude" she giggled lightly . "Oh yeah , that's cause she's not" Grayson laughed .

Chase walked beside me with his hands in his pockets. "It's a miracle Ace even let you take me , we may aswell make the most of it" I made my arm hook inside of Chase's . A smile appeared on his face . Ace's words had put me at ease . The anxiety was no longer bugging me anymore . I'm going to have a good day .


About an hour had passed of Grayson and Chase greeting people . They were really popular among their peers . I saw Grayson talking to the 'jocks' ; If you can even call them that and Zaiya stood beside him happily while joining in the conversation every so often .

Chase was talking to some of his friends while I stood over at the food table. I tried some of the cake and it wasn't that good . I'm assuming someone baked it though . I don't why I came to this dance . This is so dumb . Why would I go to something that I almost died at last time , well to be fair the last time the room was full of Mafia men and this one is full of kids but still .

I could feel my breath start to get heavy again as my eyes frantically scanned the room for any of Ace's men . "Hey" someone tapped my shoulder , making me jump in fear . It was Terry . "I came over to see if you were okay because you looked a little distressed" Terry mumbled as I calmed down . Atleast Terry was here . That makes it better . "I'm fine now" I smiled only slightly . He could see the discomfort on my face . "You've only got 2 hours left , you can do it" Terry cheered me on . "Thanks Terry" I ate a muffin before leaving Terry to eat the food .

It was now the last dance of the night and i had respected Ace's wishes of not dancing with Chase . But .... I'm going to break it now . I walked over to Chase . "Hi" he smiled . "Do you want to dance" I questioned with a cheeky smile , knowing we were going against Ace's wishes . "But Ace said- I won't tell if you don't" I interrupted quickly , grabbing his hand and pulling him onto the dance floor .

I glanced over to see Zaiya and Grayson slow dancing to the song . Grayson was grinning while he danced with her . "I don't know how to dance" Chase muttered looking embarrassed. "Come on , I'll teach you" I placed his hand on my waist but not too low because I didn't want Ace to cut off his hands . I wrapped my arms around his neck . "How are you and Grayson?" I asked curiously. "We're okay now , he told me some stupid line that he came up with and I forgave him . I know he didn't mean it" Chase shrugged . "He's the bad boy out of the two of you huh?" I smiled jokingly at Chase who nodded , agreeing with my theory .

"He's had his eyes on Zaiya since the start of the year but she finally gave in when he asked her to the winter dance" Chase explained . "Did he ask anyone else first?" I asked curiously. "No , it was only her and he got her" Chase looked kind of sad . "I take it he's popular with the girls then?" .

"Yeah all the girls go crazy over him" Chase rolled his eyes in annoyance. "All of them?" I raised my eyebrows surprisingly . "I mean look at him , he's the star QB who's popular and good looking . What girl wouldn't want a guy like that?" He sighed defeatedly.

"It's okay , you'll find someone who'll like you just for you" I reassured him . "I hope she's like you" .

Guys we're about to hit a million reads and I'm in disbelief. I can't believe that this book has gotten so big . All of you guys mean the absolute world to me . Ily you all and thank you for giving Ace unconditional love and support . I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I got given .

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