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Third Person POV
Nicolette found it weird that they had both disappeared and Malcom didn't have a clue of what they were doing. We walked back to his house in silence. The sun was starting to set and the blue sky turned into a orange and yellow mess.

As we got closer to his house, Nicolette sensed a familiar presence but she knew he wasn't supposed to be here. She sees Beck arriving at the front door of Malcom's house.

"Beck? What are you doing here?" She calls out to him. A smile was plastered on his face as he turned and saw her. He ran up to Nicolette and pulled her into a hug. She wrapped her arms around him but then a low growl was heard through the silence.

"He marked you," Beck whispers into Nicolette's ear. She nod and he backs up a bit, not wanting to cause any trouble with the Alpha King. "I was told to come here but I don't know why. I assumed it was you but I don't think you knew I was supposed to come." Nicolette glances up at Malcom and he shrugs.

Her suspicions were growing. So first, Lucas and Seth disappear. Second, who would have invited a vampire onto pack lands?

Nicolette has a sudden rush of realization pass through her. Her body began to shake and her breathing becoming shaky. "Damn it." She ran into the house and saw streamers lining the pillars and balloons strung along the place.

"Surprise!" Lucas and Seth cheer and throw confetti over her head. She looks around frantically, as if she were looking for something, but she wasn't.

"I forgot," she whispers with tears welling in her eyes. She turned to Beck and stared at him. "I forgot."

How could she forget that today was the 28th? She forgot the most important of the year. Her parent's death day. Every year she visits their grave and this year she can't. She made the idiotic choice to stay here for month and now she can't even leave to see her parents.

"It's fine Nicolette, you were distracted it'll be okay," Beck tried to console her but he had no idea how bad Nicolette was beating herself up about it.

She felt waves of pain wash through her body. She forgot, she was so busy with protecting this pack that she forgot to visit her parents. Tears fell from her eyes as she ran past Beck and Malcom and out of the house.

Nicolette needed to get away from whatever surprise party they threw for her birthday. She already told them to not do anything for her birthday.

Her birthday was only a reminder of her mistakes of past. If she had trained harder with her mom, she could have been strong enough to fight back and help her parents but she could barely hold a simple shield up at the time.

She needed to see their graves, to tell them sorry for the five hundredth time. She ran quickly and leaped into the trees. She ran on top of the frail branches towards a lake that was near by.

Nicolette took careful, educated leaps onto the branches, making sure that they wouldn't break on impact. She heard an occasional crack or break but she made it to the lake safely.

She dropped down to the edge of the lake and stared out upon the lake. The moon was starting to rise further into the sky as the sun could no longer be seen. The lake ripped quietly as the moon's glare caused the whole lake to light up.

The tribrid sat on the edge of the lake and looked at her reflection in the water. Tiny fish swam under the moonlight and seemed to have their own sparkle too.

She closed her eyes and  lifted her hands over the water and chanted a spell. Her soft voice broke the peaceful silence around her. Nicolette opened her blue eyes that lit up the night even more and watched the water start to swirl.

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