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I had just gotten home from the dance . It was okay but I almost had panic attack in the middle of it .

Ella and Ashton we're leaving tonight to get home to their daughter for Christmas. "Bye guys" I hugged the brothers , Chase and Grayson , while they both reluctantly hugged me back . "Bye Sofia , it was pleasure meeting you , if Ace ever hurts you , give me a call and I'll kill him for you" Ashton smiled threateningly at Ace , but he was really just being playful. He embraced me , patting my back before taking Ella's suitcase. "I can wheel that you know" she beamed at Ashton . "I know , but you shouldn't have to" he winked , earning a giggle from her .

"Bye Ella , thank you for being the sister I never had" I wrapped my arms around her tightly . "We'll be back soon" she put on a cheerful tone but I could tell she was sad . She followed Ashton outside . Chase calmly rolled his suitcase out but when Grayson got to the door , his suitcase got stuck and he got frustrated as always . Grayson shoved his suitcase, sending it toppling down the driveway. I know I shouldn't have laughed but I couldn't help it . He turned back to me and shrugged carelessly . Ashton grabbed Grayson's bag and threw it over his shoulder.

Ashton came back up when all of his family was in the car . "Listen , Ace , if you ever need me , I'm one phone call away . No matter what it is , recruits , money , support , anything like that . "You're not going soft on me right?" Ace squeezed Ashton in his arms . Ashton groaned from his strength . "Of course not" he scowled at Ace before walking down the driveway and getting into the car .

I'm going to miss them , they helped me realise that Ace doesn't only have enemies but he has friends too .

"Now it's just you and me , in this big empty house for exactly an hour and half" he mumbled as he checked his watch . I grinned at him thinking he was going to suggest something . "Let's go get our stuff packed" he shut the door . Wow . He wasn't horny for once , that's a surprise.


Ace threw our bags on the floor of the log cabin . "Do you want to light a fire?" He asked staring at the fireplace , contemplating if he wanted to build one . "Yes" I nodded determined to get warm and take my big heavy jacket off . He took off his jacket as if he could read my mind before he grabbed logs from outside . I don't know why he took his jacket off if he had to go back outside ? I worry about his logic sometimes .

I turned on the lights and brought the bags into our room . Tomorrow was Christmas and I got Ace a present but I haven't told him yet . I'm waiting till tomorrow to surprise him with it. I took the box out of my suitcase and opened it , revealing the all black ring , that was designed as a feather that would wrap around his finger . I took deep breath as I closed the box , hoping that he would like it .

He lit a match and threw it into the fire , blowing the flame gently waiting for it to spread and ignite the other wooden logs . I watched how gentle he was , I think this is the only time I'll ever see him be gentle with anything ....... except me . I know he's gentle with me because everytime he touches me , he's afraid if he's squeezing too hard or like he's afraid of breaking me .

I sat on the couch , letting out a groan and shutting my eyes . "I'm exhausted" I murmured quietly , listening to the crackling of the fire as he watched it grow . "It's only 8 pm" he glanced at me . He turned the lights off , letting the room naturally be lit up by the glow of the fire . I kept my eyes closed tightly . The couch had a sudden dip in it , telling me that Ace was beside me . My head fell to his shoulder . I felt him lean forward and grab something . Then the TV started to play . He leaned back , sinking into the chair , my head followed his shoulder . His arm wrapped around my shoulder as he pressed his lips against my temple.

"Do you want to watch the last divergent movie?" He asked with a happy tone , knowing I'd stay awake if we watched it . I nodded and opened my eyes slowly . I jumped up frantically before grabbing the blankets from our bed and dragging them inside with me. I seen a smile appear on his lips before he pursed them together to stop them . I climbed up beside him , snuggling into his chest . He was so warm , how was he so warm when it's like -2 degree's in here?.

He scrolled through the movies and clicked onto allegiant . Throughout the movie , I slowly moved from his chest to his lap , my body stretched out across the couch . Ace was playing with my hair while his eyes were glued to the screen . Lying here , on his lap is the happiest place I will ever be . The sunsets in America to the view at the top of Mount Everest will never give me the feeling that he does. The feeling of happiness , joy , trust ..... love .

"Tris how can you not see you're being played oh my god" he threw his arms up in the air frustratedly before I laughed at his annoyance . "Even Four sees it" he snapped at the tv . He was really into this , it was funny to see him so worked up over something that wasn't even real . But I guess that the fun part of movies is that at the end of the day they aren't real and you can always make up your own ending if you don't like the original one .

He groaned frustrated at Tris and glanced at me . I was just gazing at him with a happy look on my face . His attention was forced back to the tv , leaving me to stare longingly at him .

Ace is not the best man , I know that . He's murdered millions with his own two hands and a million more by command . But I can't help but only see good in him , I don't look past the bad parts but I don't block out the good ones either . His past doesn't define him for me , the present does . I can see he is trying to be good for me , even if he doesn't know that I know .

People say that you should be with someone who makes you a better person , but what about someone who makes you happy , even though they're not the best person to be around . I'm not saying Ace is bad for me but I could probably be with a guy who makes me want to be the best version of me .

Ace likes me for who I am ; the good , the bad and the broken .

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