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I had fallen asleep on Ace's lap . And it was now Christmas morning .

I woke up to the smell of pancakes and the noise of pots and pans clanking together . "Shit" I heard him yell cause a smile to spread on my face while I lay in bed . A few minutes later , Ace came in with a tray full of breakfast and a cup of hot chocolate . I pretended to be asleep so that I didn't ruin the breakfast surprise that he had made for me . "Fuck" he whispered to himself , walking around the room. I think he stubbed his toe off of the bed while walking around to wake me .

"Hey" Ace shook me gently. I groaned in response. "I made pancakes" he uttered before I sat up slowly . He rubbed my back soothingly while I tried to wake up . I glanced over at the pancakes , my eyes widened as soon as I saw them . They looked delicious.

"I'm surprised you know how to cook" I was basically drooling down my chin as I muttered to him . "Remember- that you don't like to be ungrateful, yes I remember" I nodded grabbing the plate . We ate breakfast together while talking about our favourite Christmas things like movies .

"I know we didn't discuss gifts but I got you something" Ace ran his hand through his hair , he only does that when he is nervous. He grabbed a box and handed it to me. He was nervous that I wouldn't like it . I opened the cardboard box and it was something wrapped up with a rough material holding it in place . I took the rough material out of the box and threw the box off to the side . I unfolded the material. Infront of me , on my lap , five throwing knives lay on the rough material being held in place by little rubber bands attached to the fabric .

My eyes lit up when I seen the colour . They were turquoise. A big smile instantly appeared on my face as I admired the knives , that each one , slowly got smaller as my eyes ran across them . I touched the edge of the knife , getting a little paper cut . The knives were really sharp , and I could see symbol on the knives . It was an Ace symbol . It was small and simplistic but I really liked it.

I pulled one out of the rubber band that held it in place and threw up up in the air , flipping it and catching it . "Don't worry it's balanced , I checked" he nodded with a grin . "I also changed the training blades" he grumbled playfully , as if he was annoyed at me . I leapt into his arms , catching him off guard and probably scaring him just a tiny bit . "Thank you" I leaned into him , forgetting about everything just for a moment . "I might have gotten you something too" I whispered in his ear while still clinging onto him . I was now on his lap , facing him .

I ran over to the nightstand and pulled the ring box out of the drawer . "Oh my god , you're proposing" Ace shrieked with a gasp at the end jokingly , putting on a girls voice as best he could . Which wasn't very good incase you were wondering . I laughed at his stupid joke and sat back on his lap , in the same position. Me facing him . "Here" I muttered , handing him the box .

He flicked the little box open with his thumb , revealing the all black ring that was designed as a feather that would wrap around his finger when he put it on . "Because you're my angel" I muttered with a cheesy tone . He took the ring out and I saw a smile spread across his face . "Do you like it" I asked . "I love it" he mumbled happily before he kissing my lips softly . I didn't dare to break the kiss . His kiss is like a drug to me , he's my addiction .

My arms gripped his back , deepening the kiss . I couldn't get enough of him ever . I can't even think about him because if I think about him then I'll realise I love him. Shit . Did I just ?. No I refuse to think about him or how I'm falling in love with him . From the way he runs his hands through his hair when he's stressed to his calm peaceful face when he's asleep .

Loving someone scares me....almost to death . I love my brothers but not like how I love Ace . Shit. I just did it . I just told myself that I loved him . Fuck.

Ace broke the kiss and grabbed a piece of bacon that was beside my pancakes . He shoved the entire piece into his mouth . "I have to say ...... I am an amazing cook" he smiled jokingly . I grabbed a piece myself to try it since he was so cocky . I hate to say it but his cooking was amazing . My mouth made an O shape in shock while I stared at him with my eyes widened. "This is so good" I grabbed face , being slightly dramatic , but it was really good . I knew he could kind of cook but he's really good . I should get him to make pizza from scratch , I bet it would be the best pizza I've ever tasted .

I noticed something in his pocket . I grabbed it only to realise soon after that it was a gun . I threw him an unimpressed look . "I have one on me at all times" he shrugged . "But this is like our vacation, you can't carry around a gun"I pouted at him playfully . "Anything could happen" he raised his eyebrow at me , using his serious tone. "What if you shoot yourself?" I questioned him with a cheeky tone , hoping he wouldn't know what to respond . "I won't" he replied blatantly with a bleak expression on his face .

"Look, I just carry it incase anyone tries to attack you" he rolled his eyes , trying to get his gun that I continuously pulled away from him . "What about you" I spoke with an angry tone . Why only me ? . Does he think I'm not capable of defending myself . "Because if you die , I'll have nothing left and I would much rather die than let you die" he caught me off guard with that response. I was expecting a 'you can't defend yourself or something but no , he's just afraid of loosing me .

I shut my eyes with a sigh . "I know you can protect yourself, I just don't want you to have to protect yourself . I should be able to do it for you" . "Not let another finger touch your skin" he slipped his hand under my shirt , his hands on my waist, skin to skin . My breath hitched slightly before I tried to squirm out of his grip but his hands kept me on his lap in place .

A smirk grew on his face before he licked his lips. He knew what he was doing to me . Two can play at that game . I leaned into his head , my mouth right next to his ear . "I want you" I whispered quietly and I immediately felt him tense up .

"Not today" he cleared his throat . He watched as a smile appeared on my face , and his look of slight shock became a grin while he rolled his eyes . "Okay, I have to um shower , and then we can go skiing after you finish your breakfast" he stood up only for me to see his growing erection .

"Sofia!" He snapped scaring me . I looked up at him . "My eyes are up here" he winked at me , knowing what I was looking at . "Your head's down there though" I smirked evilly . I saw his jaw drop before he said "you're nastyyy" in a high pitch voice .

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