❁Twenty Two❁

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Hi Travis!

This is Aphmau, Zane's bestfriend

Since Zane is too afraid to do this himself, I have been assigned to the job

So prepare yourself



But before we get into that 

I know you're a gang leader and a drug lord 👀


how do you know that??

who told you????

...holy shit, I was right

no one told me

just women's intuition


I just exposed myself, hold on


I know right? I'm amazing

but anyway, back to the situation at hand

Zane really likes you

like REALLY likes you

like wants to cuddle in front of a fireplace in a wooden cabin while snowed in

wait wait wait

are you serious???


hello? you there?

hi Aphmau!

this is Lucinda, Travis' bestfriend

you broke him, thanks

if his reaction wasn't obvious, he likes Zane back

and now you found out our secret cause Travis doesn't know how to deny

lmao useless gays amirite 😗✌️ 

lmao you rite 😗✌️ 

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