Chapter 3

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The boys piled in loudly to their dorm and (Y/N) carefully walked in after Jin, quietly shutting the door behind her. She bent down to remove her black heels off her feet, her arm automatically reaching out for a surface to support her. As she rose to stand, she turned to remove her hand to realise that said-surface was actually none other than Jimin. He had been about to enter when he felt a small hand suddenly press firmly onto his chest. He turned to see the bent figure of his manager taking off her shoes and so waited silently, even whilst feeling his cheeks began to heat up.

(Y/N) pulled her hand back as though she had been burnt and clutched it to her own chest. She immediately sunk into a bow muttering and apology and when she rose her cheeks had become rosy.

Jimin just grinned at her, his eyes becoming crescents as his cheeks also rose at the action. (Y/N) cooed inside and almost reached her hand to pull at the cheeks before shaking herself and reminding herself that her affectionate nature might and probably wouldn't be accepted here.

Instead she silently followed Jimin into the living room where the rest of Bangtan had sprawled out. At first, she sat hesitantly on the edge of her seat but feeling stifled under the occasional darts, (Y/N) quickly got to her feet and rushed into the kitchen to assist Jin instead.

Jin POV:
I was just putting on my apron when I heard the kitchen door suddenly slide open and in darted (Y/N) looking flustered.

She straightened up and grabbed an apron from the hook, quickly tying it up and piling her long, wavy (H/C) hair into a ponytail.

"Where are your ingredients kept? And your pans? And the utensils?" (Y/N) quickly asked.

I sat amused in the chair into which (Y/N) had gently pushed me into insisting she'd cook feeling that her presence was an inconvenience.

She quickly bustled around the kitchen already seeming at home with the layout and began chopping an array of vegetables with the ease of a practiced cook. She had multiple pans on the stove and was working on them all at the same time unbothered by the different food she was preparing. Whilst she left the meat to sizzle in some of the many pans, she started preparing rice but what shocked me was that rather than use the rice cooker or instant rice she was making it on the stove and even that seemed complicated. She was adding spices and seasonings I don't even remember having in the house.

Within the span of thirty minutes the dinner table was covered with dishes of numerous cultures and already set with plates and cutlery.

I rose to my feet shocked at her speed and opened my mouth to call out to the boys but she beat me to that too.

"Boys! Dinner's ready! Hurry or I'll give it all to Jinnie oppa!" her voice rang out, a soft sweet melody.

Immediately, there was the sound of thundering heard to which (Y/N) looked shocked and caused me to laugh at the sight.

Then entered six grown men trying to wrestle their way in first, and eventually the force caused them to suddenly fall through. They rushed to their seats and sat waiting for (Y/N). I shook my head at the betrayal.

"Yah pabos, why don't you ever wait for me when I cook for you?" I shouted.

"Because you're not noona" yelled Jimin and Tae in unison.

"Ah! Remember I'm not your noona and anyways according to custom, I should be the last seeing as I'm the youngest, so go ahead" she gestured towards the table.

As though released from a spell, the guys dove in, chopsticks grabbing food and the sounds of groans and grunts at the taste filled the air.

Yoongi seemed sleepy still and (Y/N) noticed this and hurried to his side. Her small hand clasped his chopsticks and started assembling a plate for him.

At her movement, the maknae line began watching in jealousy as she continued to fill his plate before settling back. Yoongi let out a grunt of thanks and began eating seeming to wake up more with each bite.

"(Y/N)ieeee that's not faiiiir! Feed me too!" whined Tae pouting at (Y/N).

Though she shook her head she smiled and lifted a piece of meat from her plate and offered the meat to Tae who rather than take it with his chopsticks just opened his mouth and accepted it.

I then took note of her plate.

"(Y/N)-ah is that all you're eating?" Not knowing I had the drawn the ears and eyes of the rest of the table. She nodded.

"I already ate earlier before you came in as I don't usually eat this late. I don't have a massive appetite most of the time anyways..." she trailed off.

Not wanting to make her uncomfortable I leave the topic but already decide that I'm going to keep an eye on her from now on. I won't have a starved dongsaeng on my hands. I shook my head vigorously at that, my action making the others laugh and quickly the dishes began to empty.

After the cleaning had been done, we all piled into the living room and (Y/N) sat on a sofa with Jimin and Tae on either side of her. Hobi, Jungkook and Namjoon quickly took up places on the floor near them, leaning on each other whilst Yoongi settled himself into an armchair.
I sat next to (Y/N) pulling Tae off and into my lap.

Now seated everyone's eyes turned to their manager.

The questions began to pour.

"What's your degree in and what's living in (Y/C) like?" asked Namjoon.

"It's got great tourist spots, old buildings mixed with new and it can rain any time during the year. I studied at (U/N) with a degree in English but I also did courses in psychology, philosophy and computer science."

Yoongi seems to rouse himself at that.

"What's your favourite colour? Favourite food? Ooh! Favourite hobby?" suddenly Jungkook seemed braver.

(Y/N) smiled at his disappearing shyness and cooed at him.

"I love purple the most, then blue but I like all the colours! I love pizza but I have a massive sweet tooth too. Hmmm what else? I like baking, binge watching shows from around the world, reading and writing for fun sometimes... I like sports too!" At her responses more members perked up seeing similar tastes to theirs.

The questions never seemed to end until Yoongi finally opened his mouth. And boy do I wish he kept it shut instead.

"So why do you think you can be our manager? What's so special about a girl who doesn't even know how things work around here?" he was just curious but his tone and posture unknowingly gave off a cold aura.

Jin felt (Y/N) stiffen next to him and was just about to reach out to reassure her when he felt a weight shift off him and saw Tae throw his arms around her and Jimin did too from the other side.

"Yoongi hyung don't be mean!" several voices rang out.

"It's okay. Yoongi-ssi you have the right to ask. I know you've had management issues in the past and it isn't easy to open upto someone new and well me but I do know the hardships of being in this business. I may be young but I've had my fair share of difficulties coping with burdens such as the ones you carry. I'm not going to try to make you uncomfortable but I hope we can slowly work towards being at the very least comfortable in each other's presence. I see coming here tonight was a mistake on my behalf, I intruded and for that I apologise. I'll head out now." she quickly stood up and disentangled herself from the 95ers.

However, what caught my attention was the quickness with which she left and the tears I saw beginning to fall from her eyes as she walked out. My heart ached for her but felt she would like some space so I let her go.

When the door shut softly again, I turned furiously to Yoongi.

"So want to explain yourself Yoongi?!"

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