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"That's you epic plan grandma" Antalia voiced not sure this what they need?

"I think is cool" Julio muttered besides her

"of course you do" Antalia muttered "as long as food is involved you are always cool"

"I'm growing boy"

"How much more you want to grow?"

"enough" Lucy interrupted the war zone they just going to entre, asked her mother "you sure"

"oh definitely" Barbra smiled mischievously "it's been long I have hosted something like that besides someone need to celebrate you coming back" all were quiet stunned by the look on her face so, like the intelligent being no one commented on what she is cooking in her mind right now, even Julio shut his mouth.


"C'mon Julio, hurry" Antalia impatiently called out to him

"Coming coming Anny" Julio said hurriedly coming out of car before they entered hip spot in the town, RJ it's a local diner where mostly wolves work; located in her mothers' home pack territory. "So why are we here?"

"To eat" smart ass

"I know"

"Then why ask?"

"Because you were impatiently ranting about this diner and what fine food they have here" Antalia snapped "and I might add mate, you didn't let me change like at all"

"you look fine" Julio muttered bored

"you.." Antalia was interrupted by the voice of Satan himself.

"ah pleasant to see you here" Dante smiled and took seat opposite to her "did your mother accompanied you too" further enquired

"You should already know that" Antalia retorted back with sickening sweet smile "stalker" whispered the last part.

"I wouldn't call myself that darling" Dante replied with coy smile "just concerned, after all we are family aren't we?"

"Last time I checked, you didn't make the list" Antalia calmly said enjoying her supposed sperm donor's manipulative ways.

"Feisty" Dante praised "so tell me darling here's the father?" eyeing her closely to see if she make any small mistake.

"first of all, don't call me that" Antalia said piercing her green into the replica of her own "second, none of your damn business Dante" all the while she kept her composer but, she knew it won't last long.

"hmmm" Dante mused "afraid" trying to probe answers from Antalia by provoking her.

A booming laugh left her lips catching the attention of fellow patrons in the diner and leaned onto the table a little closer "the question is, are you afraid Dante knowing ; what you might know deep inside that cold, manipulative heart of yours or that somehow the truth you thought buried under the hatch might just pop out."

Antalia noticed a little twitch in his jaw, which made her smirk inwardly. Daddy dearest doesn't like to be put in his place. Huh.

"You just got burned Alpha" Julio fuelled the fire more with this comment.

Without making anymore comments Dante stood up but, before retreating he bend down to whisper in Antalia's ear "you might win this round darling but, tell your mother don't play with fire, she knows the consequences" with that he left the diner, leaving a fuming Antalia and very hungry Julio.


Later that day after when Antalia and Julio returned home, without eating anything at diner but, got the food packed instead. Antalia didn't hesitate to tell her mother about her encounter with the infamous Dante. Which left Lucy in deep thinking; fuming with anger because, this time he is targeting her not directly instead through her kids; which in Lucy's eyes not acceptable, not at all.

Later that night when kids are upstairs watching god knows what Lucy called over Emilio and his mate Joseph to talk.

"So what now" Joseph finally asked after Lucy laid down the whole fiasco to them "clearly he solved the puzzle and you can't blame him your kids look just like him in a way, same eyes; hairs. You can only hide such things only for so long."

Lucy knew Joseph is right "I know that" she agreed "I shouldn't have brought them with me, Dante clearly a nutcase"

"You have no idea" Emilio added "that's why I rushed you and kids out that night"

"You never told me, why was he there?" Lucy asked

"You know why?" Emilio said

"To see me" Lucy muttered

"To see you" Emilio agreed "he somehow got the news you are back with kids, which didn't set well with him and when he came to know I invited you too diner, when I never invite his supposed mate and son, he damned to see you but, I somehow made him believe you weren't here. That's why I rushed you out of there"

"I don't understand" Lucy asked confused "what he wants? He never enquired these years and now why acts like crazed ex?"

"I might have the inkling" Emilio quietly said

"What?" Lucy and Joseph chorused together.

"I don't know if it's true or not but, I read it somewhere" Emilio explained "when two true mates paired by goddess and their kids have this connection, especially an alpha who will feel strong connections to his offspring's then any ordinary wolf. If they two separate, in your case you did; what I mean you were rejected by your true mate, and when you had your kid he and his wolf spirit had this inkling of connection with kids but, it was dormant not so active and after so many years you coming back might have made it active as you know, you guys are now in closer than before. His wolf spirit pushing him to connect with his true mate's offspring, causing him to fill the void he felt all these years"

"wow" Joseph muttered processing all the information thrown at him.

"I never knew that" Lucy muttered to herself "you saying that when I have the twin it caused him to develop certain type of void not having them close to him, like father wants their pups and now that we are here his wolf spirit wants to rekindle with his pups"

"yeah" Emilio slowly agreed

"we are in deep shit" Lucy realised "can't we stop this whatever this is?" asked Emilio.

"I don't know" Emilio said "it's just the theory but, it might be true because I feel this with Elijah all the time, when he is away or I'm away" he further added.

"you do" Joseph said astonished "why didn't I know this until now?" questioned his mate.

"It's just never came up" Emilio explained "listen it's just theory but, you and I know how Dante is."

"yeah I know that very well" Lucy agreed not happy about this outcome, all she wanted the solution from their talk but, all she found a new puzzle.

"he cornered Antalia today in RJ's diner" Lucy shared with them "let's just say she knows because he is asking about the father and send the little message not to play with fire"

"oh he definitely knows" Emilio concluded "you know what that means Lucy?"

"war" Lucy said "that's what he will get?"




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