❁Twenty Four❁

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Aphmau, Lucinda, and Laurence clapped their hand vigorously as the two males shared a hug with such admiration and delight. 

"I can't believe I'm hugging you right now." Zane said in a gentle voice.

"It feels like a dream." Travis replied.

When the two pulled apart, they could help but to look in each other's eyes.

"So, are you guys just gonna stand in the dark or are you gonna come in?" Aphmau interrupted to two. Zane and Travis didn't even notice Aphmau, Lucinda, and Laurence had retreated inside and were watching from the doorway.

"I guess we'd better go in." Zane said to Travis, who just kept smiling. 


Travis and Zane sat next to each other on the two cushion couch. It's quite funny how they knew each there for almost two months and they were already so infatuated with each other.

"Travis." Zane spoke. Travis breathed out quietly. Hearing Zane say his name really was something else.

"Yeah?" He answered.

"Are...are you really a gang leader?" Travis knew this question would come. He has even prepared himself for more than enough situations to take place after the answers.

"Yes, I am. I'm the leader of Valkrum. Which is also my last name." Travis admits.

"It was passed down to me by my mother and father, who have miraculously disappeared after I turned eighteen."

Zane turned quiet. He didn't know what to say. Travis took Zane's silence as a bad sign.

"Are you okay with that?" Travis asked. But why would he ask it like that? Who in their right mind would be actually okay with-

"I'm okay with that." Zane answered.

"Really?!" Travis exclaimed. 

"Yeah. I'm okay with it. If I wasn't, why would I still be so excited to see you?" Zane smiled at Travis.

Squealing was heard behind Zane and Travis. Zane turned around and saw Laurence chasing and trying to grab his pet pig.

"Laurence!" Zane said. Laurence stopped in his tracks.

"I just wanted to let your piggy." Laurence whined, thinking he had gotten in trouble.

"No, not you. I'm talking to my pig. Her name is Laurence." Zane explained as pig Laurence jumped in his lap. Laurence's mouth dropped open. Lucinda, who had been conversating with Aphmau, broke out into a fit of laughter.

"That's what you get Laurence, you fuckin' pig." She laughed. Laurence pouted and sat on the three cushion couch while mumbling something that sounded like, 'I'm gonna text Gene'.

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