Chapter 7

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"Who pissed in your Apple juice this morning?" Rosie commented when she seen me walk into the living room and I rolled my eyes at her.

"Leave me alone Rosemary I'm really not in the mood." I sighed in irritation.

"Hmm does this mean I'm speaking to big Sebastian? You know the 17 year old boy in there?" Rosie giggled when she tapped my forehead and I grabbed her arm and pulled it away from me.

"Keep your hands to yourself blueberry." I frowned and Rosie's smirk fell right from her face. When Rosie first came to live here 2 years ago she was only 14 and she was one of the chubbiest girls that I had ever met. Her hair was blue back then and I just happened to be a horrible person, so it only made sense for me to bully her. I called her blueberry for an entire year and made comments about her weight and even made fun of her when she started to work out. Despite all my bullying here Rosie was standing in front of me with the slimmest body a girl could ask for. She was almost as beautiful as Esmeralda.
I would  feel bad for being a jerk if she hadn't been an asshole to me the day I found out that my parents died. It still doesn't give me an excuse for all the bad things that I did in the past, but I think it's safe to say that me and Rosie never stood a chance. We were never going to be friends let alone brother and sister.

"You didn't have to go there Sebastian." Rosie's eyes watered and I watched her walk off.

"Wait Rosie where are you going Chester will be back any minute!"Theodore called after her but she ignored him. June walked into the living room glancing over her shoulder with a confused look.

"Rosie's cwying."

"What just happened?" Benjamin asked curiously with his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

"What were you guys just talking about?" Theodore asked and I clenched my jaw. I'm pretty sure they would think that this was somehow my fault.

"Sebastian what did you say to her?" Esmeralda looked at me from across the room and I frowned a little. If I didn't have such a big crush on her I probably wouldn't even feel guilty right now.

"She'll get over it." The only thing worse than looking like an asshole is the way that Esmeralda is looking at me. She looked as if she didn't even know me, and knowing that a part of her was disappointed in me was worse than any punishment.

"Whatever you did you need to go and fix it right now." Esmeralda spoke in an authoritive tone. When I stood there and did nothing she grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. "Go apologize to her or I will never talk to you again." She threatened in a low whisper so that only I could hear. She let me go and I stumbled back and gave her a questionable look. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she meant every word.

"Okay fine." I frowned a little and straightened my shirt out. "I'll do it." I looked into Esmeralda's eyes and silently questioned my entire existence. I raised my hands in surrender and turned around as I headed towards Rosie's room. Her door was open but I still knocked anyway.

"Go away Sebastian." Rosie spoke in a muffled voice and a part of me nodded in agreement and was about to turn around.

"Go apologize to her or I will never talk to you again."

"Actually I don't really have that option." I frowned in annoyance. How did Esmeralda know that that was going to work on me? Either she simply knows all or she just has a very high opinion of herself.

Not that I blame her.

"I don't care. I don't want to talk to you Sebastian." Rosie nearly yelled and felt like even more of an asshole now. What I said was wrong and I know that, but if she doesn't want to talk to me there's not much that I can do about that.

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