Chapter 8

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"Oh no can we please just skip the whole singing to me thing. It's weird." Chester complained with a scowl when he saw William start  to light up the candles. He lit the candle that said 1 and then lit the candle that said 8.

"Nope this is a tradition Chester you don't really get a say in this." William gave the now 18 year old boy a dimpled smile and ....

Wait did Chester just blush?

His cheeks were all pink and he looked down at the cake that was now lit on the table. William stood up and stood kind of behind him and faced us. "Alright everyone gets to say a few words about this brat before these candles melt so I guess I'll go first."

"Will no-"

"Silence." Willam put both of his hands on Chester's shoulders and Chester was quiet at once. "Now first I would like to start off with the fact that I know you've been stealing my shirts-"

"I can ex-"

"Ah ah ahhh." William teased and Chester was a blushing mess I leaned closer and enjoyed the sight of Chester being all shy and embarrassed. He was always so domineering and bossy towards me so I never really got to see this side of him. I guess that's just because he was overprotective.

"I've only known you for 2 years, but a lot can happen in 2 years. You showed me that. I've enjoyed getting to know you these past few months. If it weren't for you I would have never known about my secret obsession with the hunger games-"

"And twilight." Chester added shyly and William let out a short laugh.

"Yes and twilight."

He sighed and rubbed Chester's shoulders for a moment before dropping his hands down at his side "I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I loved getting to know you and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You deserve everything you want."

I smiled at William's words and looked over at Sebastian who by the looks of it was back to normal.

"Umm hai Chess." He mumbled quietly and Chester gave a small wave.

"Hey Seb."

"I jus wanted to say that I like having you as a brudder. I also wish we could hang out more, but I like when we do hang out and have bro time." Sebastian laughed a little and Chester smiled at the tall boy.

"I hope you have a lot of more birthdays!" Sebastian walked over to Chester and Chester ruffled his hair.

"Thanks bud."

"Aww that was so sweet Seb!" Esmerelda smiled and Sebastian ran over to her and gave her a hug. She seemed a little bit taken off guard by it but she embraced him anyway.

"Alright who's next?" William asked

"Benjamin how about you?" Esmerelda suggested and he glared at her. She rolled her eyes and gave him a small shove.

"No I don't... I don't do things like this... too emotional." Benjamin frowned with crossed arms and we all stared at him. He growled quietly and took a few steps forward.

"Umm happy birthday." He shrugged as if he didn't know what else to say and turned to walk away but Esmerelda cleared her throat.


"Okay fine." Benjamin glared and turned back around "I'm not really good at saying nice things about people." He spoke in a deep raspy voice. Chester looked so nervous and I wanted to laugh so bad. He looked as if Benjamin were going to slap him any second.

"You're a really good kid and you don't really cause any problems so I really like that about you." Benjamin clenched his jaw "I guess."

"Thank you Benjamin."Chester muttered quickly and for a moment Benjamin looked as if he were in pain.

"Are you okay Ben?" June asked when she noticed And Everyone laughed.

"Yes he's quite alright love he's just trying to smile." Theodore spoke slightly out of breathe from laughing. "Don't worry I'll come and put you out of your misery brother." Theodore pushed up his glasses with a small smile and Benjamin walked back over to his spot in the corner away from everyone else.

"As one of your foster father's I just wanted to say that it was an honor getting to know you. There will always be a place for you here you can have your room permanently if you want."

"Wait? Really?" Chester's voice cracked and Theodore nodded with a big smile.

"Of course you silly goose.I wasn't just going to throw you out, what kind of person do you think I am? We're a family and whether or not by blood family always sticks together. I consider you my son and I hope I get to celebrate many more birthdays with you." By the end of Theodore's speech Chesters eyes were visibly watery.

For a moment everyone just stared at him not really knowing what to say. I guess that was my  que.  "Oh? Don't tell me the big bad wolf is crying?" I teased and Chester rolled his eyes when I ran up to hug him. He smiled and pulled me into his arms.

"Hey!" I laughed as I fell into his lap

William cleared his throat and I gasped. "Oh right! Ummm I feel like I can't put what I want to say in words. But I'm pretty sure In another life we were probably married." I joked and he laughed "I mean the way we argue all the time you'd think we'd hate eachother by now! But I've got nothing but love for you."

I meant that In more ways than one but he probably would never understand.

"I love you Chester!" I kissed him on the cheek softly and watched as his face went blank for a few moments. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing so I got off of his lap and slowly walked back to everyone else.

I'm not sure why but a weird feeling of rejection rushed through me but I played it off with a smile. "Anyways um Esmerelda it's your turn!"

"Ahh yes of course." Esmerelda smiled and walked over to him. "Well all I can say is that you are an amazing person to be around. You are always honest and truthful and trustworthy. I know that if I tell you to make dinner that you won't burn the house down. Sebastian probably would though." Esmerelda joked and we all laughed.

"But on a more serious note you are genuine and I know you pretend to be this hard kid but your not. You're the real thing." Esmerelda smiled and Chester stood up to hug her.

"Thank you Esmeralda. Okay can this be done now I'm tired of crying." Chester complained and I smiled

"Make a wish." William spoke and Chester turned to look at him for a while. He turned back around and closed his eyes before blowing out his candles with the biggest smile I had ever seen.

I wonder what he wished for.

Laters baby😏

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