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We were outside in the snow .

"Two ski's please" I asked the lady who handed us two sets of ski's with a very reluctant face.

"I can carry my own skii's Ace" I rolled my eyes at him . "I know" he replied but didn't hand them to me . I appreciated the little stuff that he did for me like opening doors for me or checking up on me , to see if I was okay . I've never met a guy who would do that for me .

I did have a question to ask him though as we trudged up the snowy ski slope . "I've always wondered why you didn't let me say goodbye to my brothers the first time we met" I spoke loudly due to the wind . He stared at me with his big snow goggles over his eyes and his heavy winter jacket on . He then turned his look back to the snow we were walking on .

"You're still curious about that" he shook his head . I nodded frantically. He let out a hesitant sigh before he said "I could already tell that your father abused you by the way you flinched . What angered me more was that you had five brothers who wouldn't save you , they wouldn't put themselves in danger to protect you" . "And Incase you're wondering I hate your brothers with every ounce of my soul for letting you be beaten for so long" . I swear I could see the look of rage through his black goggles. But his voice showed a hint of sadness .

"Okay" I responded . It was the only thing I could say because I knew he was right . I had 5 brothers who were all strong and knew how to fight . Not once did they try and stop my father's beatings . They were too selfish to put themselves in harms way for me , their little sister .

"I thought I was selfish" Ace snickered shaking his head with a smile that said he couldn't believe he found someone more selfish than him . "But your brothers , their the most selfish people I've ever met" he snarled angrily . "I didn't even have to talk to them to know that" . Due to all our talking , I hadn't even realised we were at the top of the slope .

"This is a bit steep , don't you think ?" Ace gave me a worried stare . "No , you're good at everything remember" I smiled cheekily before clicking my boots into my ski's . "You're not even going to teach me how to ski first" He questioned angrily . "Not with that attitude" I warned him . "Fine , attitude is gone , now help me" he demanded . I sighed before pulling him to his feet ; He almost fell over . "I already hate this" he grumbled trying to stand still . "HOW ARE YOU STANDING SO STEADILY" he shouted frustrated causing me to laugh .

"I don't know , practice" I shrugged trying to catch my breath from laughing at him . "You know this is only the first slope" I giggled seeing his eyes widen . "You're lying" he didn't believe me . "Where do you think the ski lift goes?" I grinned waiting for a reply . "I'm going to die" and as he said that , a 6 year old boy flew down the ski slope without a problem . I pointed to the kid . "See it's easy" . He mumbled something that I didn't hear . "See you at the bottom" I winked at Ace before pushing myself down the slope . "You're just going-" is all I could hear until I couldn't hear him anymore . Suddenly I seen a flash and Ace was practically flying past me . He was going straight down the slope . Maybe I should've mentioned that you have to turn .

"Ace you have to turn to slow down" I shouted at him. I think he heard me because he started turning to slow himself down . I actually thought he was going to die and kill other people while he did it.

I eventually came to a stop while Ace waited for me at the bottom . He took his goggles off and raised his arms . "I still won" he cheered before loosing his balance and falling onto his ass . I burst into laughter , an unpleased looked swamped his face . "I still won" he cheered from the ground with a big grin on his face . I shook my head as I laughed at him . I never thought I'd see this side of Ace ; The side that actually smiles when he's happy or the parts of him that longed to be loved . When I met that heartless man in the ballroom , I thought he was just like my father and the opposite of everything I was looking for . I was wrong .

As I stand here watching him smile from winning a race , I realise that I was definitely and completely wrong . He's all I need now . I don't need my brothers , or my mother or any friends to be happy . As long as I have him I'm more than happy . I'm complete .

We went down the other slopes together so that I could make sure he didn't die on me . He almost bumped into the same 6 year old from the last slope and the six year old told him to 'watch it' . He got really angry but I told him that the kid was six and that he did almost bump into him . Ace just shot me an unimpressed look before we went up to the biggest slope .

This slope was so big that even I was nervous. "Oh don't tell me you're having second guesses" he teased playfully before pecking my lips . "No ..... not at all" I smiled but I was really unsure . All I knew was that I wasn't going to let Ace beat me at skiing , this is my thing . We lined up together at the edge , there was a lot less people up here than on the other two slopes .

"We have to have hot chocolate after this" Ace grumbled , rolling his eyes . "I know , my hands are freezing" I replied shivering . "How are you cold , you have like 12 layers on" he questioned with a confused glance before turning his attention back to the snowy slope . "Maybe because I'm secretly a reptile" I uttered with nerves slowly building up in my stomach the longer we stood here ; It was starting to snow again .

"You ready" he smirked confidently . "Yeah , ready to beat your ass" I pushed myself down the slope . We were going to fast and it was hard to keep control but I loved it . I loved gliding down the slope with ease and having most of the control . I loved the speed , it made me free , almost like I could fly if I tried hard enough . Ace was behind me , and I could tell he was focused on not falling rather than winning , but I was determined to show him who the real champion was .

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