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Hiii guys. I going to make this up as I go but it might not be completely along the story line. Y'all can skip the stuff in bold if you want. I am also in the process of editing this story, so you'll probably find that the writing style changes a bit.
1. Do you like someone?
I think I do.
2. Do they like me back?
Probably not lol
3. Middle name?
Y than.
4. Single or taken?
5. Girl best friend?
A girl named Isabel
6. Guy best friend?
Guy named Caleb
7. Favorite otp?
I don't think I have one honestly
8. Last person I texted?
My best friend ( Isabel)
9. Last song I listened to?
Enter sandman by Metallica
10. Battery percentage?
11. Lock screen?

 Lock screen?

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12. Reason I made wattpad?
Idk to read stuff
13. Birth date?
December 16
14. Twenty tags
K now on with le story!!!
3rd person pov

"Y/l/n, you are aware that you will not return to Beauxbatons next year, yes?" Madam Maxime asked.

"Yes," the Beauxbatons student replied.

"And you know you will be sorted at Hogwarts permanently?"


"In that case, everything is in order. You should continue packing for the trip."

"Thank you Madam Maxime."

"Of course Y/l/n,"Madam said. Y/n walked out the door of her office and up to their room.This was their last day at Beauxbatons. They could admit that while they would miss the palace-like school, it would be nice to have a change. They already had spent two years at Ilvermorny, the American school, and had a seamless transfer to Beauxbatons. Their new Hogwarts uniform sat on their bed. It had been delivered to a few days ago a long with some textbooks. They grabbed the books from their current school and and flipped through the French text. The books at Hogwarts are supposed to be exactly the same, just in English instead of French, so Y/n decided to just keep the Beauxbatons ones. Some girls giggled and whispered some gossip in rapid French as they entered the dorm. Y/n grabbed the handle of their luggage and walked out the door to the carriages outside.

Time skip

The moment they flew over the castle, the beautiful Hogwarts grounds enchanted Y/n. The castle looked over the dark lake which was rimmed by well kept grass. A huge crowd of people stood on the field cheering for the French school's arrival. Honestly with their clapping you'd think they've never seen magic. We landed and got off the carriage. The sea of students shifted their attention to the lake, where a large ship seemed to be coming out of the water.

Madam Maxime led the students into the castle and they began rehearsing their entrance for what must've been the hundredth time.

"Now students, you have to be graceful," Madam Maxime said in her thick accent. "We only have one chance to an elegant first impression."

The students made their bows more dramatic and it seemed to please her. After running the show one more time, Madam Maxime led the students down the hall. An old man with a cat was standing outside a large set of doors muttering to himself about what the Weasley's next punishment would be. He noticed at the uniformed students in front of him and then glanced at his watch. Loud footsteps filled the hall on the other side of the corridor. The man turned around and looked at the large group of Durmstrangs on the other side of him. He then frantically hobbled through the doors. Madam Maxime turned around to look at her students.

"Professor Dumbledore will introduce us and then we will do exactly what we rehearsed, yes?"

A chorus of "yes madam" and "ok" was heard. Then another voice from inside the doors spoke.

"For now, please join me in welcoming the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and their headmistress, Madam Maxime."

Our giant of a headmistress turned around and cued her school. They seemed to be attracting loads of the Hogwarts students' attention, especially from Ron.

"That's one big woman,"Seamus said.

Their headmistress was certainly attracting attention to herself. She was even taller than Hagrid. Their performance might've been a bit cringey, but it seemed that the focus was to show off their poise and beauty.

"That one's quite a looker,"Ron said with his chin rested on his palm.

Harry followed his friend's gaze and found himself staring at Y/n. He found Ron's statement to be true. The more that Harry looked at them, the more he couldn't seem to look away. The students of Beauxbatons were told to sit at one of the house tables. The Hogwarts students each silently hoped they would sit at their table, but the Beauxbatons students ended up sitting at the Ravenclaw table.

"And now our friends from the north, please greet the proud sons of Durmstrang and their high master, Igor Karkaroff," Dumbledore said.
A bunch of tough looking students entered through the doors into the Great Hall. They spun some sticks and slammed them into the floor, emitting sparks when they hit the ground. Their high master, Karkaroff, greeted Dumbledore and sat down at the teacher table.

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