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I reached the bottom , with Ace miles behind , still skiing down the slope . I took off my helmet and laughed hysterically. We were so dumb but I loved it .

I adored watching him ski ; How he had no fear of dying so would just shoot down the slope like there was no tomorrow. I wish I could be more like him and not worry so much about little things .

This had been my best Christmas by far .


I lay down in our bed , it was about 11 pm and we were watching a movie . John Wick. "Come outside with me" Ace waved his hand at me , wrapping his house coat around him . "No it's toooo coldddd" I whined curling into a ball under the blankets . "I have a surprise" he muttered knowing that it would get my attention which it did . My head popped up and I glanced at him before standing up and following him outside .

He had a piece of paper in his hand while staring up confusedly at the stars . "What are you doing" I grinned knowing that he knew that I loved looking at the stars . "That one" he pointed at a particularly shiny star . "That one what ?" I muttered confusedly . He chuckled slightly before face palming his forehead . "It seemed so much better at the time" he had an embarrassed look on his face as he spoke . "What is it" I questioned with desperate tone . I wanted to know what he was cringing about .

"........I bought you a star" he said quickly before pursing his lips , trying to fight off a smile . He bought me a star . "I called the star Sofia , my punch line was going to be ' because you're my star'" he erupted into laughter at his own cheesy joke . I just blinked at him . He eventually calmed down and wondered why I wasn't laughing . "But it was too dumb so I didn't do it" he shrugged . "So basically I just bought the star" he shrugged glancing up at the sky and back at me .

I'm madly in love with him . It's not what he buys for me but it's the thought that goes into what he buys . He listens to me and he notices the things I like, even if I don't tell him .

Sexual scenes ahead , you know the drill 😉

"Sofia are you..... I interrupted him by smashing my lips onto his . I jumped in the air and he caught me , I wrapped my legs around his waist . "I want you , now" I stared at him . But this time there was no unsure glance or hesitant look . Instead he just nodded and carried us inside , kicking the door shut behind us .

He threw me onto the bed , ripping his shirt off as he walked towards with me , a giggle escaping my lips . He climbed onto the bed and lay on top of me , kissing my lips passionately. He wasn't rough or harsh , he was gentle ..... but also dominant. I had told him ages ago that it was one of my turn on's but I'm not surprised if it just came naturally for him .

He kissed my neck , leaving a trail of hickeys from where he had kissed me . His touch made me feel like I could run a million miles without stopping . It sent sparks of energy throughout my body , I wanted more , I wanted all of him .

I pulled off my shirt and trousers before tugging at his waistband , waiting for him to take them off . He kissed my lips as he pulled my thong off with my trousers . He was wasting no time . He pulled off his trousers , letting a frustrated growl slip when he struggled to get them off . He grabbed his boxers , and pulled them off too , throwing them across the room . He unhooked my bra with one hand . I paused and look at him . "What" he asked his face becoming worried . "I can't even do that" I muttered confused , thinking to myself how he even has enough strength to do that with just his fingers .

He smashed his lips onto mine , making me want more , I craved more ; I needed more . He looked me straight in the eyes . I was nervous, he was big ..... like really big . What if it hurt ? What if I die ? I can't die from having sex right?  . "Sofia ? Do you want to do this?" Ace asked with a sigh , thinking I didn't want to . "I do , I'm just .... scared" I blushed . "I'll be gentle" he kissed my cheek softly before saying "do you want me to start?" . I nodded , sure of what I wanted . I'm in love with him . I may not have told him but I am .

I pressed my lips against his as he rubbed his thumb against my clit , making me wet . He pressed the tip of his cock against my clit , making me blush even more than I already was . My breath hitched as he shoved his finger inside of my heat . My heart was racing as I waited for him to finally start . My craving for him started to build up as he made me wait . He placed one of his hands on my shoulder and the other on my waist to hold me in place .

"Gentle" he whispered to himself, almost to keep himself on a leash . I watched him stroke his dick a few times before putting on the condom and placing his hand back on my shoulder . He kissed my neck distracting me from him placing his tip inside me . He thrusted slightly, making me moan . I covered my mouth with my hand . "Let them out , only I can hear you" he reassured me, pulling my hand away from my mouth . He thrusted in more and I bit my lip , trying to adjust to his size . Our breath was heavy and slow as if we were trying to savour this.

He started to move in and out of my heat , making my eyes water . He wasn't even all the way in. A tear rolled down the side of my face before he brushed it away with his thumb . I clenched the edge of the bed as he started to go faster , with more swift and confident movements .

I could feel myself about to cum but it wasn't enough . "Faster" I moaned at him , getting a nod in return . He started to pound into me . "Moan my name" he whispered in my ear demandingly. "Ace" I moaned , releasing without warning . I came , warmth spilling out of my heat . He grinned proudly as he continued. He went faster to please himself . He groaned as he released , I felt a warm liquid fill the condom that was inside of me .

He lay on top of me ,both of us panting heavily.

That was amazing .

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