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Third Person POV
She just stared at it for awhile.

Nicolette hands trembled as she watched small rocks and pebbles drop down into the deep chasm. She counted how long it would take for a pebble hit the bottom of the revenue, 68 seconds. It took 68 seconds for a pebble to fit the bottom.

She stood in shook as she counted over, and over, and over again. It was shocking to her that she could do that. Nicolette started to tremble and she ran to a tree and threw up the small snacks she ate throughout the day.

"Oh god Nicolette, you're not pregnant are you?" She heard from behind her. Nicolette rolled her eyes and shot a glare to Beck.

"No Beck, I'm not pregnant," she growled as she wiped her mouth. There was no other indicator that she was pregnant. She threw up because of nerves.

"Are you sure Nicolette because I think the mate bond was completed and you don't have to be in heat to get pregnant," he said. He was propped up against a tree, watching her from afar.

"Whatever dad," she rolled his eyes. "Also, I still have a less chance to be pregnant if I'm not in heat and I'm a vampire, witch, and werewolf, I think I would figure out if I'm pregnant."

"You gave him access to you power now. He's stronger but you aren't," he told her. She knew that already. It had gone through her head a million times. She gave him a fraction of her power.

It was hard to explain. It's like a small part of her magic had been sealed off and that magic was used for strengthening her mate. He wasn't going to benefit Nicolette because she was already stronger than him.

"I know."

"I don't understand why werewolves live in the woods," he mutters. Nicolette couldn't tell if it was directed to her or he was muttering to himself. "The stars are hidden in the trees."

Nicolette made her way to Beck and grabbed him by the sleeve of his shirt. "Come on," she said. She dragged up the trees, making him struggle to keep up with her climbing.

His sleeve was eventually released and she climbed the rest of the way up the tree, hoping that he was still following. As she got higher, the branches became thinner, but she found one at the very top that held her and Beck.

She sat herself down and Beck swung himself on top of it too. He began to open his mouth to say something but she covered his mouth before any form of words could come out.

A howl echoed through the woods, followed by a choir of howls. The wind rushed through their hair and carried the sound of the cries through the night.

"We stay in the woods because it shelters us. It keeps us hidden and safe from others. The trees a canopy, a protection of the outside world. The woods are our playground, our safe place. No one will find us out here. It keeps us hidden from our prey. It has its dangers but it's better that living in the open. We have a whole community in these woods," She said looking down.

Under the think layers of leaves, Nicolette looked down and saw wolves dashing by in a flash. They were hunting and moved quickly towards their prey. Not a sound emitted from them. The only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of their paws hitting the ground.

"Are you going to become Queen Luna?" He questions her. She didn't look back to him but kept her eyes on the running wolves.

"I don't know yet," she stated. She looked up to the moon and wondered if the Moon goddess was playing games with her. All of this was like a game and she was the game piece.

"The Vampire King won't be happy and the witches are going to be pissed when they both find out that you belong the wolves now," he said. Beck always kept her up with what was happening with the vampires.

The witches and vampires wanted the powerful tribrid as their queen. They wanted to use her as a weapon against the other creatures. They had to find her first. If she accepted the role as Queen Luna, then they'll know that the tribrid is somewhere out there.

"Has there been any progress on the search for me?" She asked him. He shook his head and looked at her.

"They don't suspect a thing," he smiles. She nods and stands up on the wobbly tree branch. Beck watched in horror as she balances herself and lets out an airy chuckle.

The drop down was deadly. If Nicolette landed on the trees wrongly, she could be impaled and die from the stake to the heart but Beck watched her cross her arms and fall backwards.

Nicolette fell down to the earth and right before she met the thick branches, she landed on a branch with so much force it snapped the branch in half. She shot a smile at a gawking Beck and jumped the rest of the way down.

Beck made his way down carefully as Nicolette waited, at the bottom. There could have been more useful things done at this time but instead she waited for him.

When he landed in front of her, they stood in awkward silence. Nicolette faced started to show sorrow and she burst out into tears.

"I-I miss them so much," she cried. Beck let out a sigh and wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back slowly. She usually didn't have people over on her birthday because it hurt too much.

It reminded her that she got to live another year but her parents didn't. It reminded her of all of the moments that her parents have missed.

"They never find out that my mate was a dick," she chuckled through her tears. She felt Beck's chest moving as he was laughing.

"I hope he's not a dick anymore," he chuckles. She shakes her head against his chest.

"He's not as much of a dick as he was when I met him."

She didn't know when she fell so in love with him. There was no single moment that triggered this feeling. One day he was an ass and the next day he acted like she was the love of his life.

It felt real but was it actually real?
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