❁Twenty Six❁

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After rearranging the house and sealing two doors with tape, Aphmau began inviting. She invited Garroth, Nana, Vylad, Dante, Aaron and--

Wait, is that everyone she knows personally?

"Hey Aphmau, Nicole wants to know if she can bring cocaine. Is that a no-no?" Laurence asked.

"That's a huge no-no!" She said. Laurence quickly typed on his phone, rejecting Nicole's request.

Aphmau looked in the direction of the door and saw Lucinda patiently waiting for the many pizzas she ordered. 

"Hey, Lucinda." Aphmau called out to her. Lucinda turned to her.

"Yeah?" She answered. Aphmau walked over to her.

"If you don't mind me asking, what's your sexuality?"

Lucinda shifted her eyes to the side, then looked back at Aphmau.

"I find it easier to say I'm lesbian, but that's not it." Lucinda said. Aphmau titled her head in perplexment.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm a homo-romantic bisexual, which means I'll only date and have a romantic relationship with the same gender but I would have sex with boys and girls." Lucinda finished her explanation with a slight nod of her head. 

"What made you realized you're homo-romantic and bisexual?"

"Dating then fucking Travis." Lucinda responded. Aphmau's mouth dropped open in shock.

"Bro same." Laurence input.

"You dated Travis?" Aphmau questioned.

"Hell no. I fucked him though. And trust me when I say this, Travis gives the best dick." Laurence added. Lucinda nodded in agreement. Aphmau looked at the two in disbelief. Both of Travis' best friends have had sex with him. Now Travis was beginning to seem less of a human and more of a sex god.

"What about you?"

"Lesbian." Aphmau answered.

"Nice, nice." Lucinda replied. 

Suddenly Aphmau realized something.

"Music! We need music! What kind of party doesn't have music! I need the speakers!" Aphmau rushed out of the room and up to her room.


Zane and Travis had arrived at some store to gather supplies for the party. 

"Aphmau only said to get liquor, do we really need to get all of this?" Zane asked as he stared at the cart filled with bags of chips and candy.

"Have you ever been to a party, Zane?" Travis asked, chuckling at the end of the question.

"I've only been to one in high school. It wasn't as wild as I thought high school parties would be though." Zane sighed in disappointment.

"Well, some people don't just want pizza. They want chips and candy too. And when I say some people, I mean the majority of people." Travis explained. 

"Oh." Was all Zane could muster. Travis smiled and pat the others' head.

The two made their way to the cash register. The cashier glanced at the two before putting the many bags of chips and all kinds of candy into paper bags. 

"That'll be $37.92." The cashier said.

Travis paid and the two left the store, bags in hand. The cashier couldn't help but notice the skirt Zane was wearing and quickly looked away, flustered. 


The pizza arrived along with a couple of guests.

"Babe!" Laurence shouted as he jumped into the arms of his boyfriend. 

Aphmau tilted her head and thought; 'That kind of looks like Zane. But taller, less pale, and less of a twink.'

Katelyn and Lucinda brought in pizza after pizza. It was ridiculous how many pizzas were there. And they were made in such a short span of time.

"Aphmau, this is Katelyn. She's in charge of a lot of businesses, including a pizza one for some reason." Lucinda introduced.

"Sup." Katelyn greeting with a nod of her head.

"Hi." Aphmau greeted back. 

Aphmau suddenly felt weak in her knees. Was it the anxiety of meeting new people? Was it because she was nervous about the party? Nope, those are excuses Aphmau was making for herself. The real reason is that Katelyn's demeanor is so...dominant.

"Finally caught you, motherfucker!" Aphmau heard Laurence shout in triumph. Then she heard squealing.

"Laurence put Laurence down." Aphmau exclaimed. The pig desperately tried to run out of Laurence's grasp. Aphmau took the pig away and gently placed her on the floor. Human Laurence pouted.

"You must be Gene. I've only known Larence for a few hours, but he hasn't shut up about his boyfriend." Aphmau said to Gene.

"Yeah, Laurence is always so talkative when it comes to me. I don't know why though." Gene said back.

"I talk about you 'cause I love you." Laurence sang sweetly as he clung to Gene's arm. Gene smiled like a soft teenage boy that had just been kissed for the first time. He may look and act like a dom, and don't get me wrong he is 100% a dom, but Gene is really soft when it comes to lovey-dovey stuff. Laurence just makes Gene's insides melt. 

"Okay, that's adorable." Aphmau gushed as she looked at the couple.

A knock was at the door. Aphmau walked to the door before opening it. 

"Garroth! Hi!" Aphamu greeted Garroth at the door.

"Hi, Aph. I gotta be honest, I didn't really want to come since I'm not really a party person. But Vylad convinced me." Vylad peeked out from behind Garroth with a smile. 

"Good job." Aphmau said while patting Vylad's head.

"Come in, meet my new friends." 

The brothers walked into the house and were met with four unfamiliar faces. 

"Where's Zane?" Vylad asked. Aphmau's phone vibrated. She looked at the text she received. 

"He'll be here soon."


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