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(Don't worry, just a few chapters and Jungkook will meet his mates)

Hyeguk held her son as he cried on her chest. Jungki was talking to the principal of his school, pissed at what happened to his son. Of course, who's parents will not get pissed when your child came running home, crying, I don't know about you but this parents of Jungkook's will do everything to make their son happy and tears isn't in that list.

"Shh, baby, it's okay, they aren't here anymore" Hyeguk says, comforting the still crying boy.
"Ugh! They're just suspending them! They should be expelled!" Jungki screams, throwing his phone but then it floats in the air. It was then placed carefully on the coffee table, with Jungkook's hair and eyes going back into its natural color.

"Jungki, calm down, our son needs some comforting right now" Hyeguk said softly, because Jungkook passed out from crying and using his powers at the same time. Jungki's eyes soften and he sat down at the other side of Jungkook. The father of the omega hugs the sleeping boy, kissing his forehead in the process.


"Hey Jungki! Get me the carrots!" Hyeguk says, pointing at the already julienned cut carrot. Jungki was about to get the carrots when the door slammed open. This made the two flinch from the loud sound but what made them panic more is that the person who slammed the door open was their son, Jungkook.

What's worse is that the boy is crying, with a red nose and hand mark on his face. The boy also had bleeding lips and hickeys on his neck. Jungki was the first one to react and he rushed to his son. He touched the boy's hand but he frowned when he flinched.

"Baby!? What happened!?" Jungki asks, the boy then hugged him, his hair turning blue along with his eyes. Hyeguk looks as the two was surrounded with water.
"Dada, they hurt me and gave me this" Jungkook said, pointing at the hickeys and slap mark on his cheek.
"Did they do more?" Jungki asks, getting pissed.
"No, because I scared them with thunder" The youngest said, still crying.

/Flashback ends/

Remembering that, Jungki was seeing red but he controlled himself since he doesn't want to hurt his family.

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