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3rd person pov

"As I'm sure most of you know, one of the students from Beauxbatons is going to transfer to our very own school," Dumbledore said. "Y/l/n, Y/n."

The Beauxbatons student that Ron and Harry were gazing at walked to a stool with an old hat on it in the middle of the room. Professor McGonagall lifted the hat and rested it on the student's head.

"Beauxbatons huh?" The hat said to Y/n. "Oh don't worry. It's just me, the sorting hat."

"Yes, I can talk," the hat said. "Now please let me sort you."

"Very smart. Ravenclaw may work. . . No,no that won't work. Hufflepuff?... no there's something better... you have great potential. Slytherin? Not best for your future. That leaves... GRYFFINDOR!!!" (Update: I only put Y/n in Gryffindor so that she can spend more time with the trio and stuff. I'm personally a ravenclaw but for the sake of the story you're in gryffindor. Thank you!)

Y/n winced at the sudden noise and felt McGonagall lift the hat from their head. They walked down to the Gryffindor table. They other tables were not clapping nearly as hard as theirs. Lots of students waved Y/n over to sit with them. A girl with bright red hair caught Y/n's attention, so they sat there. To the right of them, a brunette with slightly large front teeth smiled at them. Across from Y/n, Harry and Ron grinned at them as well.

"Hi, I'm Y/n."

The red haired girl said they could call her Ginny. The brunette was Hermione. Harry introduced himself, leaning over the table to shake hands with the Beauxbatons student, but accidentally spilled a cup of pumpkin juice. Ron was still silent, though his ears were flushed bright red.

"You're attention please! I would like to say a few words," Dumbledore continued. "Eternal glory, that is what awaits the student who wins the tri-wizard tournament. But to do that, the student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks."
He paused for dramatic effect.

"For this reason, the ministry has seen fit to impose a new rule. To explain all this, we have the head of the department of international magic cooperation, Mister Bartimus Crouch."

Thunder sounded around the room and the magic ceiling started storming. A man cast some spell at the ceiling and it stopped raining. The Great Hall burst into whispers.

"That's Mad-Eye Moody," Y/n said in awe.

"Mad-Eye Moody, the auror?" Hermione asked.

"He was a catcher. Half the cells in Azkaban are full thanks to him. He's supposed to be mad as a hatter though these days," Ron replied.

Mad-Eye limped to Dumbledore.

"My dear old friend, thanks for coming," Dumbledore greeted.

"That stupid ceiling," Mad-Eye muttered.

He took a drink from his flask and shuddered.

"What's that you think he's drinking?"Someone asked

"I don't know but I don't think it's pumpkin juice,"Harry said.

"After much deliberation, the ministry has concluded that for their own safety, no student under the age of seventeen shall put forth their name for the tri-wizard tournament. The decision is final," said Barty Crouch.

Almost everyone, especially the Gryffindors were booing. George and Fred Weasley seemed the most upset over this news.

"SILENCE," Dumbledore shouted.

He showed a goblet that had blue fire coming out of it.

"The Goblet of Fire. Anyone wishing to submit themselves for the tournament merely write their name upon a piece of parchment and throw it into the flame before this hour on Thursday. Do not do so lightly, if chosen, there is not turning back. As from this moment, the Tri-Wizard Tournament has begun."

The Great Hall burst into conversation. Hermione and Ginny began to pepper questions at Y/n.

"Why are you coming here?"

"Are you French?"

"Ooo can you speak French?"

Y/n laughed and started to answer some of the questions. Harry and Ron watched Y/n talk to Hermione and Ginny. Ron started to whisper to Harry.

"Do you think Ginny could introduce me?" He asked.

"Ginny and 'Mione will introduce us," Harry whispered back.

Meanwhile, a boy watched from the Slytherin table. He glared at the Gryffindor table. Pansy nudged his shoulder.

"What are you looking at, Dracy?"

He shifted his gaze to Pansy. "Nothing."

"Does 'nothing' happen to be sitting at the Gryffindor table?" Blaise smirked.

Draco rolled his eyes but didn't say anything back. Pancy turned away again to talk to Blaise.

Back at the Gryffindor table, Ginny was giving Y/n a detailed story about her first year.

"Then we flew out of it but we were holding onto a Phoenix!" Ginny told them.

"That sounds so cool!" Y/n said.

"I'm the one that saved her though," Harry butted in.

"Hey, Hermione. Can you show me where my room is?" Y/n asked.

She nodded and got up, trying to cover her blush with her bushy hair. We walked up a bunch of stair cases and stopped at a portrait. She said something to the lady in the painting and it swung open to reveal the common room.

"It's the password," she said. "You probably should remember it if you don't want to end up like Neville."

Y/n didn't know who Neville was, but they were willing to take Hermione's word. They walked into the big room. There were a couple couches and chairs the surrounded a roaring fire. Y/n and Hermione sat in two empty chairs next to each other. Ginny came in and sat next to them a few moments later. Two red heads walked to the back of Y/n's chair. Ginny noticed her brothers behind them first.

"What do you two want,"she sighed.

"Hello to you too,"one of them said. "We were just introducing ourselves."

"I'm Fred-"
"-and I'm George."

"Pleasure," Y/n said, still struggling to tell them apart.

"Pleasure's ours, sweetheart," Fred said.

They ran off, leaving Y/n's face feeling quite warm and Ginny rolling her eyes.

time skip to the next day

Y/n woke up to Ginny and Hermione shaking the Beauxbatons transfer awake.

"Good morning."

"Yay you're awake!" Ginny yelled.

"Hurry up and get dressed!" Hermione screamed.

"Ok," Y/n groaned as they rolled out of bed.

After they were ready for the day, though Y/n was still tired, they went down to the Great Hall. Harry and Ron not there yet.

"They're always late," Hermione sighed when she noticed their absence.

Harry and Ron came into the Great Hall ten minutes before class would start, which was about enough time for them to grab something and then rush to class.

"Honestly, when will you two learn to wake up early," Hermione scolded them as Ron tied his tie while giving Harry his piece of toast to temporarily hold onto.

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