Chapter four

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The fact that (Y/n) is floating in mid air and happenings of the night prior she really has no choice but to believe that the people in front for her are demons. While her feet dangle in mid air each demon takes their turn to introduce themselves to (Y/n),

"I am king Kim Namjoon the greatest demon on level with, if not higher, then god, and also the leader of these six" he announces brimming with confidence, elegance and pride, like a boss showing off his best employees.

Next one up is a soft giant; tall as hell, broad shoulders, and a handsome face that easily hides any dark demonic energy that's lurking beneath the surface, "I'm Kim SeokJin the oldest, my favourite foods are lobster, any kind of meat, and all greasy food."

Min Yoongi follows suit, bluntly saying his name and following it with a small nod, his eyes go back to focusing on a gold coin he's twirling around his fingers.

Hoseok bursts into action resting a hand on Yoongi, only for it to be pushed off, "Hiya! I'm Jung Hoseok. It's nice to meet ya!" He's grinning brightly, but (Y/n) notices that despite his cheerful appearance that happiness doesn't seem to exist in the deep depths of his fiery eyes.

Jimin steps up beaming playfully, "Hi hi! I'm Park Jimin, I like your eyes. I wish I had pretty eyes like that! Your nose is cute too! You're just soooo adorable!" He coos over (Y/n) lovingly.

Giving (Y/n) a cheeky wink as a seductive grin blooms across Taehyung's face, "Kim Taehyung, it's a pleasure to meet you" he lifts his hand up to (Y/n) insinuating a handshake only to smoothly lead her hand to his lips. He leaves a kiss so delicate it would be incapable of bursting a bubble.

Jungkook pretends to yawn and as he stretches his hands close in on Taehyung, as soon as they are within reaching distance he immediately pushes Tae away from (Y/n) in a playful manner, after all it's his turn to take centre stage, "I'm Jeon Jungkook, you can just call me JK or Kookie though"

Now all eyes are on (Y/n), everyone waiting for her introduction despite the fact that they already know all there is to know about her, "h-hi I'm (Y/n) (S/n) I'm 17, my favourite colour is (f/c) and if you don't mind, could you maybe, please put me down, I really miss the ground" she says taking small glances at the floor.

Namjoon slowly moves his finger down making sure to gently place (Y/n) back on the ground, without missing a beat Jin speaks up joyfully, "well now that the introductions are over and done with let me make you a proper breakfast to eat!" He smiles sweetly at you.

"Oh no it's fine! Honestly I'm not hungry anyway, I'm fine with this-" (Y/n) points at the mush that once resembled cereal, "-I don't want to trouble you... A-anyway aunt Gretta won't like it if you use main meal food products for anything other than family meals." (Y/n) caves in on herself as she remembers the time she selfishly made herself bacon and eggs when the others went out to eat breakfast without her, she got severely scolded by aunt Gretta, had to pay for new bacon and eggs, and eat alone for a week.

Jin reassuringly pats (Y/n)s head and grins at her deviously, "you don't have a choice sweetie. Oh don't worry though, I never said anything about using the food in this house!" With a snap of his fingers plates upon plates of food line up on the dining room table; pancakes, waffles, sausages, beans, avocado toast, yogurt, these small cubes of fruit, bacon and eggs.

All the boys are getting riled up ready to pounce on the food that's been displayed, it's like they haven't eaten in centuries. Jin claps to get everyone's attention, everyone stops and waits for the signal that tells them they can start eating, "Now everyone let's dig in," Jin finally announces as all of Bts pounces on the food at once.

(Y/n) not wanting to get in their way, and still feeling kinda guilty because of the argument she had with her aunt earlier she sticks to her mushy cereal. However she can't help but eye up the delectable, mouth watering, food in front of her, noticing this Jin once again snaps his finger causing her bowl of sadness to disappear.

Confused by the sudden magic trick she snaps her head up to look for the culprit and her bowl, instantly (Y/n) locks eyes with Jin who's already smiling satisfied and motions for her to look down.

In front of (Y/n) is the exact food that she was eyeing, shocked at the kind gesture she looks back up at Jin unable to stop a bright beautiful smile from stretching across her face.

(Y/n) digs in as she happily listens to the chatter around her.

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