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Jungkook changed schools, his parents isn't gonna take any risk to make that happen again, they want their only child and only omega safe. They would be happy if the boy had six alpha mates(😏), and that six would protect him.

"Baby, just call me or Dada if someone bothered you, okay?" Hyeguk said to her son who nodded and gets his new phone from his mother's hands. Jungkook gets his backpack before kissing his mother's cheek and leaving.

Jungkook got inside the car, his father looking at him.
"Are you ready to go to your new school?" Jungki asks, his son looking down.
"Baby, don't worry, I made sure that this school doesn't have any bullies or rapist" Jungki said, whispering the last part so his innocent child won't question it. Jungkook nodded, assuring his father who smiled before they drove off the driveway.

They arrived at Jungkook's new school, his father opened the door for him. He got out of the car, Jungki took his child's hand before they walk inside. As they walked in, many students and teachers looked at their direction, giving them a smile. Jungkooo just looked down while his father smiled back at them and whispered to the people who was frowning when the younger wasn't giving them any reactions.
"He's shy!" Jungki whispered yell to the students and teachers who understood and gave a thumbs up.

The two reached the principal's office, opening the door before walking in. They were greeted by the principal who's name was Mr Son Yunshi who waved at them with a friendly smile.
"Hi Mr Jeon! Oh, and hi little Ggukie!" Mr Son said cheerfully, the youngest looked at him and looked down again.
"Sorry, something just happened in his last school that made him like this" Jungki said, looking at his son sympathetically.
"Oh, I understand" The principal said before giving Jungki the schedule of Jungkook.

"Thank you" Jungki said, looking at the schedule printed paper.
"You're welcome, give Jungkook his schedule and I'll lead him to his new classroom" Mr Son said, the father was hesitating and he noticed this.
"Don't worry, I won't do anything to him" The principal said, removing his hand on Jungkook's. Jungki then felt that the principal was a good person, so he trusted him with his son.
"Let's go now, Jungkookie" Mr Son said before they left the office.

"Bye, baby!"
"Bye, Dada!"

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