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Sofia's POV :
A few weeks had passed and it was now February. We were back home . I went back to nursing school and it was finally the weekend .

I was talking to Ice . We had become quite close over the few weeks . "No Ice you can't-" I facepalmed with a giggle . "I just did" he raised his eyebrows after putting on one of Ace's shirts . "He's going to kill you" I muttered , shaking my head . "What you're wearing his t-shirt , why can't I?!" Ice glared at me jokingly . "Because he actually likes me" I responded cheekily , earning a shocked face from Ice .

He blinked at me a few times . "He's already going to kill me for being alone in a room with you so may aswell go out with a bang" Ice grinned sarcastically.

"So after you go on this date with this girl , what happens next?" I questioned him to see if he would give me the right answer . "That for me to know" he scrunched his nose , sticking tongue out at me playfully before doing his tie.

"Ew gross , you failed" I glared at him . "What do you mean 'ew gross'" he tried to make me sound dumb . "I know you and Ace had sex" Ice rolled his eyes while sliding on his suit jacket . I felt heat rise to my cheeks . "Shut up Ice , we did not" I smacked his arm . "He told me all about itttt" Ice teased running to the other side of the room . "Did he actually?" I felt a gaping hole in my chest . "No but you just confirmed it" Ice chuckled evilly . "God I hate you" I scowled angrily , my cheeks a rosey red colour .

"So how was it?" Ice asked , staring at himself in the mirror . "I'm not telling you" I shrieked . "Dante's going to be heartbroken" Ice grinned before shaking his head , acting like he was disappointed. I jumped onto the bed . "Why would Dante be heartbroken" I chirped , pulling out my knives that Ace had gotten me , just to admire them . I saw Ice's cheerful expression drop immediately. "Wait....he didn't tell you?" Ice made an O shape with his mouth .

"Tell me what" I scowled at Ice . "Nothing"he shrugged , trying to play it cool , but I knew that it was serious if Ice didn't want to tell me . I took one of my knives , and flung it at Ice as he walked past . The knife stuck out from the wall . "Are you insane , you almost killed me!!" Ice snarled loudly while I smirked . I knew I wasn't going to hit him , he was moving too slowly . "Tell me" I demanded . "How about noooo" he sprinted out of the room at full speed causing me to giggle .

Ice was really funny . I see why Ace hangs out with him now , I didn't really understand it before because he was an asshole but he's nicer when you get to know him . I climbed out the bed and grabbed my knife that was in Ace's wall . I hissed through my teeth when I seen the slit in Ace's wall . "Oops" . Hopefully he won't kill me .

I wandered out the room and ended up outside of Ace's office . I wanted to ask him about this Dante situation. I knocked on his door lightly but there was no response . Well I know he's in here . I knocked again getting a grunt in response. "That sounds a lot like your sex noise" I giggled from behind the door .

Within a matter of seconds the door opened , revealing Ace, who blinked at me . "That does not sound like my sex noise. Take that back" he crossed his arms stubbornly . "I just wanted you to open the door" I giggled , jumping into his arms . Ace instinctively caught me , giving me a widened glance that said 'you could've hurt yourself' . "I knew you'd catch me" I shrugged in response .

He walked over to his desk chair carrying me with him and placed me on his lap . I snuggled up in arms as he cradled my body in his arms . He started scribbling his signature down onto different papers without even thinking twice.

"Why did Ice tell me that Dante would be heartbroken if he found out we had sex?" I uttered , playing with Ace's tie . Ace's stare suddenly shot down to mine. His exhausted expression became fuelled with anger . "Why were you talking about sex with Ice" Ace snarled viscously at me , making me jump . His whole mood had changed within a snap of two fingers .

"I wasn't- I told you already that you're not allowed to hang around Ice" Ace scolded me . "You don't get to make that decision" I grumbled getting off his lap .

"Yes I do get to make that decision, because Ice is a bad guy and I don't want you to be hanging around him".

"You're a bad guy too and yet I'm dating you" I snapped angrily . Ace's harsh expression suddenly lifted , making a more sad one . His frowned eyebrows had lifted leaving a hurt look in his eyes .

"I didn't mean that" I uttered with a sorry tone . "Go away Sofia" He turned away from me , now facing out his window . I felt a sudden rush of guilt , I didn't mean it . I don't think he's a bad guy , I just think he's done bad things , especially under pressure .

I just walked out silently , shutting his office door behind me . I wandered into my room , locking the door behind me. I flopped onto my bed before I let out a sigh . I hugged my pillow tight . I felt like I wanted break something but I knew I couldn't . I hadn't been in this room in so long since I sleep with Ace now .

I hated the idea of me hurting him . My lungs felt heavy as I sat on my bed ; I have to do something to get my mind off of him for awhile . I decided to do some of my homework that was due for Monday . Right before I finished , I got a call .

Thank you guys so much for 2 million reads , it means the world 😭💕

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