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BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER. The relationships you have with your family are supposed to be stronger than those of love or friendship. It was a nice perception that would have given her hope long before she was in the position that she was in. Recently, she found that blood was in fact not thicker than water. At least that was the reality in her family.

There was no unity, no sense of loyalty. Instead it was dog eat dog and every man for themselves. The only reason everyone stood together now as because her grandfather believed in family. He'd been the last glimmer of hope that tried to maintain the foundation of family. However, he couldn't have known that his children and grandchildren were nothing but cold empty machines that only wanted to make money and control the world because they could.

She wanted to blame everyone else for not realizing the method in the madness of August Sr. He knew more than anyone what it meant to be alone, to build yourself up from nothingness. But now, her family was much too spoiled. They had no desire to continue the legacy of her grandfather.

She wasn't innocent either though. In fact, she was the one who burned the remaining bridges that connected her to her family. Or rather she cut the ties from those who were irrelevant to the business. It wasn't by choice that she was still connected with Katia and A lot if not all of the Belmont children were pompous aristocrats who took their cut and split.Richard.

Richard and Katia remained and even then, she ruined her relationship with them.

Richard Belmont was fuming. He stood before her with a snarl and a heartbroken look on his face that she had never seen before. He was a desperate man who hoped that now they lost August Belmont, Angelina Belmont would take up her role with complete responsibility as the final tie in the plan that their grandfather had planned for them to fulfill.

She came into the office early Wednesday morning, which was a surprise. Since the passing of his uncle, she barely showed up. He allowed her the time to mourn but when it was time for her to take up the responsibility, he could not get ahold of her.

When he did, she would ignore him and did everything in her power to hide behind the one Francis son who he did not like. Angelina was more of a man than Christopher Francis. He did not like the man for plenty of reasons but his disdain for the man only grew when he kept Angelina hidden from him.

She sat across from him with a bored, dull expression on her face. She wasn't the same bright girl she was. She was the brightest Belmont he reckoned. She was the one with the loving parents and was the favorite among all of the cousins. He watched her shift her eyes around the office, avoiding eye contact with him before she blurted out what sent him into a rage.

"I am leaving for Birmingham this afternoon."

He was stunned, staring at her. She finally looked at him, her eyes studying his features that were shifting from neutral into his angered state.

"Angelina, you do this and we will fucking fall apart" He yelled at her. She flinched in the slightest. "I'm sorry, I have to do this." She placed her legal documents on his desk for him to take. "I accept full responsibility as the heir of both businesses, however I will be creating my own. Everything you need to know is in there, my location will not be disclosed until I arrive. I know how you are, do not try and stop me."

"Angelina, if you leave! Angelina... Angelina!"

She left the room quickly, hearing something being thrown and shattering followed by a shout of anger. She would have to give him time before she talked to him again. He wasn't the most understanding but the fact that he allowed her to walk away from him was baffling.

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