Me and My Shadow ( 49 )

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I woke up to the cold cropper taste of blood. My body ached and I opened my eyes, looking into the dim-lit ruins of the tome clouded by layers of dust. I coughed as I breathed in the thick dust. Everything hurt when my body shook violently.

I recollected myself and tried to stand. I failed and only managed to get on my hands and knees. The effort made me breathe heavy which made me cough again, causing more pain. 

When the pain passed I looked around the ruins in the hope of finding someone. In the dim light, it was hard so I tried to lit my fire, but my power failed me when I bearly managed an ember.

I forced myself to stand and I painful did. I cursed to myself as I limped across the uneven stone and marble chucks that were once a floor.

I called out into the darkness for the others but I dreaded the answer of silence. 

While I limped along I stepped on a weak chuck of stone and it gave under my feet. My already weak ankles rolled and I fell cutting my hands as I attempted to cushioned my fall.

I cursed as I tried to stand again, only to fail. However, from my new angle, I saw a hand sticking out in the rumble.

Fearing it was one of my friends I rushed over to them, ignoring the pain. They were covered in dust and rumble. I quickly dug and pulled the rocks away. 

After pulling away, a large rock I was met with a pale and unconscious Ophelia.  

Her helmet and armor were cracked beyond reasons and she was covered in her black blood. I know she's my enemy but looking down at her, helpless and bloody, I felt bad for her. I reached down and felt for a pulse.

I could feel the slow and faint rhythm of her heartbeat. My fingers rested on her neck while I let out a sigh. 

Then Ophelia's eyes shot open and grabbed my hand that was resting on her neck. I didn't have time to react before she got up and pushed me onto my back. Her hands were instantly around my neck. I gasped for air as she straddled me. 

Her silver-gray eyes were bloodshot and bloodthirst as she glared down at me with a wicked grin.

"It will be an honor to give Lord Zeref your head", She laughed.

I crawled at her hands trying to pry them off, but I failed as I struggled under her. I tried to summon my fire but I was too weak and it died from my lack of oxygen. I fought back against her death grip as my vision hazed and black spot clouded my vision. 

I dropped my right hand and searched the ground for anything heavy enough to hurt her. My hand found a large chunk of rock. I gripped it and crashed it into Ophelia's skull. 

She rolled off of me and I rolled on top of her then pinned her under me. Adrenaline rushed through me as I smashed the rock into Ophelia's face. I lost myself as I stuck her again... and again until she was still. 

I returned as huffed breathlessly. My hands were covered in black blood and Ophelia's face was unrecognizable. I dropped the bloody rock and scrambled off of her. I fell and hated myself as I stared at the lifeless body before me. 

I covered my mouth as water graced my cheeks. I muttered a hopeless apology that only I bore witness to. 

A familiar voice in my head pulled me back to reality.

"Larisa!", Athena called.


"Thank the stars. As soon as you enter the portal I lost all contact with you. I only regained shortly after the ground collapsed. Are you alright?"

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