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"BUT I WANT ice cream too!" Noah groans as he rolls onto his back, his glorious abs showcased for the world to see

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"BUT I WANT ice cream too!" Noah groans as he rolls onto his back, his glorious abs showcased for the world to see. I slip my feet into a pair of black flip flops, run my hand through my salt-covered hair and glance at him over the top of my glasses. 

"No." I point at him while holding the money in my other hand, "You're the one who chose the furthest spot from a bathroom and I'm not having you ruin another kid's summer." 

"Penny, she's being mean to me." Noah whines while Penn chuckles as she slips her sunglasses over her blue eyes and comes to a stand next to me. 

Penn folds her arms, "I'll buy you a lollipop." 

"Ok, so we've got a lollipop for Noah," I say as Noah glares at me from where he was sunbathing on his fuchsia pink towel. I only grin back at him before pointing at Chase who also had his glorious abs on show thanks to the pair of dark turquoise board short that rode dangerously low on his hips, "Mint chocolate-chip for Everett, blueberry swirl for Levi and strawberry-cheescake for my headache of a cousin." 

I glance over my shoulder, wondering where the hell he had run off to. Probably to flirt with some girls in or a couple dudes. It's his only reason for coming to the beach. Vera decided to stay home today, I guess it's cooler in there than out here. Especially with all the layers she's wearing. She said she didn't feel well and we didn't press it any further.

We had all decided to come to the main beach in Holden Bay for the day because we were all in a desperate need of a tan. It was more fun here than the beaches back at the house. However, it was a bit of drive from there because he lived in the richer, quieter area but we didn't mind. There were volleyball courts here, restaurants and a pier with a mediocre ferris wheel. 

"Yes ma'am." Chase gives me a two finger salute with a small smirk. I've missed that damn smirk. 

"Great." I smile before turning to Penn and gesturing towards the parking lot a few yards down the beach where the Beach Hut and another couple restaurant stood, overlooking the ocean, "Milady." 

Penn only giggles at me as she hooks her arm with mine and we start walking over the sand and towards the Beach Hut. The sound of the waves crashing, friendly chatter and the youthful squeals of kids reminded me of the countless days I spent here during my summers. 

My mother would always pack for an eight member family so I never got to go to the Beach Hut like the rest of the kids. I was stuck with fucking club sandwiches and juice boxes. Looking back at it, that was a bomb ass meal but so was cotton candy and hot dogs that were drowned in ketchup. 

I'm pretty sure I threw another kid's hotdog into the sand because I was jealous. He still ate it. 

"I'm actually so proud of you Hayden." Penn says as she tugs lightly on my arm, pulling me from my thoughts as I smile softly at her, "With you and Chase. I'm not gonna lie, Noah and I memorised conversations prompts in case of awkward situations. Noah's a little disappointed that he doesn't get to use his Elastigirl segue." 

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