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"LOVE IS NOT AN OPTION" her father would remind her every single day of her life. There was never a moment where she did not hear those words. He would tell her as she was getting piano lessons, as she studied, and as he helped her get ready for mock meetings and business pitches. There comes a point in a young girl's life that if she hears something constantly, then she would begin to believe it. 

And she did believe it.

Perhaps it was cruel of him to tear down all possibilities of love for his daughter but he was unapologetic. Her father needed to ensure she could be the best successor and be strong to fight the people that would want to tear her down.

Love would only create a fog over her rational thinking and create an opening for others to take advantage of her. His intentions are good they would all tell her. She should be thanking him but all she wanted was to cry to him, telling him that he didn't help but hurt her further. 

"Father please..." She was following him through the hallways of their dutch colonial home, her childhood home. 

She returned for the winter after a year and a half of college at Columbia. It was difficult to come home after being away for so long, she'd been separate from his constant pestering. 

He constantly controlling everything about her and now she was begging for him to let her love. 

"Angelina, I do not have time for this." He scolded her, turning to her with his hands crossed over his chest, asserting dominance in the situation.

"But how can you say no when you don't even know him?" She was desperate, hoping that he would recognize that he was being irrational in his assessment. She wanted him to meet the man who she had become acquainted with. Luca. 

"I know enough. No one in this world is going to be worth it Angelina." Not for you. His eyes scanned her body and posture, she was nearly defeated. His heart clenched in pain, she looked exactly like her mother. He was unworthy of her love and she gave it all to him wholly. 

"And what about mother? Was she not worth it?" Angelina couldn't believe that he and everyone else in the world would be allowed love and all she was given were empty warnings that meant nothing to her. 

He never pursued Caroline. In fact, he wanted to push her away from him as far as he could possibly could but she was stubborn. She made him care for her and cruelly left her in a world with a daughter who was so much like her. The pain to come was worth all of the love that came before but now he is an empty shell of a man. 

"Of course she was worth it but this man you speak of, is not. It is pitiful, really Lina. I expected more from you. When I sent you out there, I didn't think you would mess around with these men. you may think you love him or care for him but he is not the one."  She huffed, her frustrations spilling out around her. 

"I don't understand why I can't make my own mistakes, why can't I fall in love and do the things that you want me to at the same time?" A tear ran down her cheek, stumping him. She hadn't cried in front of him since her mother died. She was always cautious when she was around him. 

"You have a hand in everything that I do and I just want to be free." 

Her freedom came to her not long after. Her father died, leaving her to fend for herself and she was utterly alone. He was preparing her for the world that she would live in she realized. He had to show her that all people would do is hurt her, being soft and full of love creates a great target on someone. If he needed to hurt her for her to realize that, then so be it. 

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