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"hey man." josh said to zack as he opened the front door, allowing josh in. it was about 6:00pm.

"hey josh, man i love your car." josh said, pointing to his jeep renegade.

"i love it man, it drives really good." josh said, zack nodding.

"hey sweetie, how are you? i knew you wouldn't be gone for too long!" kelly asked josh when the boys sat down at the bar on the barstools.

"yeah, i'm good, how are you?" josh smiled.

"i'm great. you boys hungry?" she asked. josh shook his head.

"i'm fine." he said.

"can you just grab us some waters?" zack said, kelly reaching in the fridge and handing them each a water bottle. he said thanks.

"you wanna do anything or just chill?" zack asked.

"just chill. anything for me to get away from my sisters." josh laughed.

"oh so you only hang out with me to get away from your family?" zack joked.

"yeah pretty much." he laughed, unlocking his phone and taking a picture of zack and sending it back to a snapchat hoe.

"hey jay." josh smiled at the little boy, who was running in the kitchen to steal candy out of the bowl they had.

"hey, mom said that other was your last piece." zack said.

"shhh!" jay yelled, grabbing a handful and running off up to his room. zack and josh laughed.

"how old is he now?" josh asked.

"he's 4." zack nodded, opening his phone.

they heard the door open, everyone looking over and seeing tyler walk in with a bunch of bags and a pair of basketball shoes in his hands. he had just got back from the week he had to spend at osu for the camp.

"hey guys, josh." tyler said, smiling at josh. tyler was wearing some basketball shirts and a kinda tight adidas brand short sleeve t-shirt, some nike socks and his birkenstock's.

"hey baby." they heard kelly say, tyler leaning down and hugging her. "how was the camp?"

"it was good. the boys that came were pretty good honestly. though this one boy got hit in the face and broke his nose." tyler said, slightly laughing.

josh stared at him, admiring muscled up body.

"zack, did you feed my motherfucking fish?" tyler whispered to him, zack laughing.

"yes, bitch i fed your motherfucking fish." he said.

"good, cause if i go in there and franklin is dead, you're next." he said, slightly hitting zack in the forehead before he walked up to his room.

"zackkk." josh whined, leaning his head on his shoulder.

"josh, i know you're in love with my brother. but i'm sorry there's nothing i can tell you except he's straight." zack laughed.

"im not in love i just want him to fuck me." josh sighed.

"yes, i'm aware of that too." he playfully rolled his eyes. "don't make me imagine that." he made a gross face.

"i didn't tell you to imagine it. i'm imagining it." josh shrugged.

"okay, this is getting too gay." zack said, getting up off the chair and walking up to his room. josh laughed, sitting there for a little bit before he followed him.

he was walking up the stairs while looking at his phone, slightly jumping when he bumped into someone. he looked up and saw tyler.

"oh, s-sorry." he blushed.

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