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Earlier this week I asked for questions I could answer, and now I'm answering them! Also this is my second time writing this whole thing because it didn't save the first time! 😭

Why did I start writing?

So, when I was 14, first year of high school, my dad took away all my electronics and books because my first exams were in about a week and he wanted me to do nothing but study. Since I had nothing to read I just started writing my own story! I've been writing ever since and later that year I found wattpad!

What kind of books do I like to read?

I read mostly teen fiction or young adult / romance, and fantasy! My favourite author is V.C Andrews, her books are full of tragedies and twists, which I just love! And I also loved the twilight series when I was younger, and I love the House Of Night series by P.C Cast!

Do I read on Wattpad?

Not anymore, but I used to! My favourite wattpad book of all-time is probably It All Started With An Apple, I read it SO long ago but it's always the first wattpad book that pops into my head! I also read a ton of werewolf books on wattpad back in 2013-2014.

Was any of the characters in Three Kisses based off of people I know?

Surprisingly no! In my other books I have characters based off of people in my life, usually I name the "villain" in my books after a bad person in my life, but there's none of that in Three Kisses.

How did I come up with the Three Kisses game?

I have no idea! I think I came up with the game and story idea back in 2014 or 2015, and I think during that time I was reading book on wattpad that revolved around a bet or a game, so I probably just wanted to try writing a book like that, and I came up with the three kisses game!

I can't really remember how I come up with any of my story ideas honestly, I usually write the first few chapters of a book, loose interest, and then come back to it years later. That's exactly what I did with Three Kisses.

When is the sequel coming out?

I unfortunately don't have an answer for this. I started writing and posting it a little while ago, but then I took it down because my heart wasn't in it. I wasn't updating very often which wasn't fair for the people reading it, and I just have a lot going on in my life which makes writing more difficult!

I have about 11 chapters done for the sequel, and I don't plan on giving up on it, but it isn't going to be done or posted any time soon. I'm sorry!

What's the future for Three Kisses? Will it be published?

I hope so! I just started editing and rewriting it, and once that's done I was to hire a professional editor to look it over, and then I'll try sending it to publishers! My biggest dream is to see Three Kisses in bookstores!

I have so many ideas on how to make Three Kisses even better, I'm going to change some minor details, make Emma more likeable, and add chapters and scenes so things flow better! I won't post the revised version, this wattpad version will never change, but the rewritten version won't be drastically different!

If Three Kisses got published would you buy it?

Anyway that's all the questions I have for now! If there's any other questions you have just ask them here and I'll update this chapter with the answer probably within a day!

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