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"A base ball bat" Ace mumbled , his eyes shutting . "Stay awake , I don't know if you have a concussion yet" I warned him as I spoke with a gentle tone ; he was breaking my heart . I could feel the worry begin to build up in my chest . My eyes watered as I gently pressed the cloth against his collar bone , earning a hiss .

The whole house was silent and still except for Ice who was making noise from inside the living room . A tear slipped out of my eye from seeing Ace hurt . I watched his exhausted eyes lift up to mine when he heard me sniffle . He took his hand and wiped the tear that was slowly gliding down my cheek . "Stop crying" he whispered weakly .

"Why would you do that" I shook my head . "Why would you go out and almost get killed when you know I would be here waiting for you to come back."

"I don't know"

"You know I need you" I whimpered , my bottom lip trying to fight off a quiver . He stared at me with a guilty look . "You don't need me Sofia" he shook his head slowly due to his sore neck . "I do need you" .

"You shouldn't" he murmured his head hanging low . "You were selfish , leaving our relationship the way it was and going out to almost die . You knew it was dangerous and you wanted to leave us like that!" .

"What happened if you died ? I would've blamed myself Ace" I whimpered letting a sob escape my lips. He raised his eyebrow at me . "I'm selfish I know" he nodded slightly with an exhausted tone. "You didn't like me enough to try and mend things before you left" Tears streamed down my face .

"No I don't like you" he hissed angrily , his eyes had a shiny layer over them , signalling that he was upset . "Ok" my voice was quiet as I nodded slightly about to walk out . "I love you Sofia" he grabbed my wrist , he sounded upset like he didn't want to admit it to me or himself . My eyes widened at his words . "You love me?" I uttered surprised . His look fell to the floor . "Yeah" he nodded . "I don't want to" He grumbled admitting it to himself . "Except I can't help but love every inch of you, from you're giggle to the way you play with your hands when you're nervous. I can't help but love when you lie next to me , running your hand through my hair . I feel at peace with you in my arms . I feel happy when I'm around you Sofia . I don't want to love you because I know that one day I'll have to loose you , and I'll never be prepared for that" he shook his head . He spoke with almost an angry tone but I knew it was because he was emotional.

"I was fine with dying until you came along because now if I die , I'll never see you again and there couldn't be a more painful thought".

"So yes , I went out there and I probably would've died , but I couldn't because of you" he folded his arms . "Because the thought of leaving you is too painful to comprehend" .

I stayed silent as he stared me down .

I saw slight disappointment on his face when he thought I wasn't going to say it back .
"I love you too" I mumbled with a soft grin appearing on my face . His face instantly softened at my words . "Really" he couldn't fight off his smile . "Yes you dummy" I giggled before I pressed my lips against his . He hugged my waist and pulled us impossibly close until we were body to body ; I'm so in love with him . 

He smiled into the kiss making me giggle again before he pressed his forehead against mine. "Say it again" he whispered . I grinned ; "I love you" I pecked his lips right after . "I love you" his smile faded away as he spoke . "What's wrong?" I questioned . "Nothing , just thinking of every bad thing that could happen to us" he looked traumatised . "Don't do that you'll take the fun out of it" I placed my finger on his lips .

He nodded with a smirk .

"Oh , while you're in a good mood, we're going to dinner with my brothers tomorrow, you have no option , Goodnight" I patted his on the back playfully, knowing he wouldn't like it . His face instantly dropped . "You're kidding" he huffed , his eyebrows frowning since he was unimpressed.

"Nope" I smirked walking into the kitchen . He groaned loudly as he stood up from the toilet seat . "I'm in pain" he grunted , holding his shoulder . I wandered over to him . "That's what you get" I smirked . He pushed the bruise on his collar bone , making himself wince . "You could've broken it" I mumbled . He gritted his teeth together as he pressed on some of his other bruises . I ran my finger over his sore collar bone . "Do you want me to kiss your bruises better" I question with a soft smile , staring at him innocently . He nodded slightly . I kissed his cheek bone gently then his collar bone . I pecked his shoulder next his bicep .

He put his finger under my chin , lifting my head up to kiss him . He kissed me gently , savouring the moment ; Savouring us. "Can we go to bed now" I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly. I was still embarrassed to ask him . "You might have to carry me up the stairs" he joked. "I can't carry your heavy ass up the stairs" i retorted playfully. He made a shocked face before a smirk suddenly appeared .

"You love my ass" . "Yes I do" I nodded.


"Ace Thiago Hernandez, if you are not down here in 2 minutes I'm coming up there and pulling you down by your tie" I shouted up at him , getting a eyebrow raise from Dante who was in shock that I was able to talk to Ace that way .

"I didn't know my mother was still alive" he roared back down . "That's not a funny joke" I hissed up at him .

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