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After meeting his mates, it was time to go home. Jungkook walks out of the school, stopping when his shoes got wet, but not any particular shoes, the shoes his mother and father both bought for him. He looks at the person, seeing an alpha who had yellow eyes.

"Please wipe it off" Jungkook says as he tried to control himself from not using his powers on this bully. The alpha just snickered, about to walk away when a force field stopped him. He looks at the omega, seeing his purple eyes and hair.
"I said wipe it off" Jungkook said as the force field disappeared. The alpha just rolled his eyes and raised his fist.

The alpha then hits Jungkook but failed as his hand was stopped. He looked at the omega again, now seeing a white eyed and haired boy.
"What are you?" The alpha asks as he was getting scared.
"I'm a white omega, happy?" Jungkook says as his white eyes and hair stayed.
"White omega? I thought they're gone?" The alpha asks, trying to remove his fist.
"Well, my father and mother made one" Jungkook says as he flicked his finger, making the alpha's hand twist.

"Oww!!" The alpha shouts as Jungkook continued to twist his arm.
"Are you gonna wipe it off or am I gonna--" The omega cuts himself off as he clutched his head, making the alpha's hand fall. Jungkook opens his eyes, widening it as he saw the alpha's pained expression.
"I'm sorry! My wolf just took over me" Jungkook said as he bowed at the alpha before running to his father's car.

"Why do you look guilty?" Jungki asks as he saw the boy's face.
"Astrid took over me and almost broken someone's hand" Jungkook says as he sighed.
"What happened?" His father asks, looking at the younger up and down.

"My shoes got wet and I got mad making Astrid took over me"

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