Eli & Aeryn: Fifty Three

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Had to do this part by phone, the 'new works' is rolling in and I guess it's currently still being worked on because mine is literally messed up, like, I can't click anything and all the buttons are in the wrong place. I've been trying for ages but it won't work, so I resorted to the app. *sigh*

I hope you enjoy this anyways. :)

Lovely picure on the side made by @childofdecember, thank you ever so much for making it. <3


A: "Wow, I never knew unpacking was so tiring!"

E: "Aeryn."

A: "Eli?"

E: "You didn't unpack anything. You just watched me unpack everything."

A: "I was...supervising."

E: "Bull-"

A; "I had to make sure you put my stuff in the right place."

E: "Why couldn't you just do it yourself?"

A: "...effort."

E; "One person does not need as many pairs of shoes as you have packed-"

A: "You just don't understand the struggle."

E: "Grrr."

A: "I need sandals for the beach and then I couldn't decide which converse to bring so I just brought both and then-"

E: "I am not going to have an in depth conversation with you on the topic of shoes."

A: "The struggle."

E: "..."

A: "I think I might go to bed in a bit, I seriously am tired."

E: "Yeah, you need some rest, I have a big day planned for us tomorrow."

A: "Oh, what's on the to-do list, captain?"

E: "We're going to spend the day at the beach-"

A: "Ooo, nice."

E: "-and I am going to throw you into the water-"

A: "Hah, not happening."

E: "-and then we are going to buy ice-creams, strawberry for you, vanilla for me-"

A: "It still amazes me how you remember these things."

E: "-and then in the evening I'm going to cook for you, I promised you a meal ages ago and you're going to get one."

A: "Sounds great! You better be as good as you claim, I'm a harsh critic."

E: "Although naturally modest as I am, I must admit my cooking is beyond average."

A: "Naturally modest? Good one."

E: "Rude. I thought you were going to bed anyway."

A: "Yeah...are you?"

E: "I - er- I might, yeah."

A: "I'll - er - I'll get changed in the bathroom."

E: "Okay..."

He quickly undressed, pulling on a plain white shirt and pajama bottoms before sliding under the crinkly white covers of the double bed. He left plenty of room for her, he was almost falling out on to the floor in an attempt to make her more comfortable, but when she returned from the bathroom in a t-shirt and shorts she slipped under the duvet, immediately shuffling over the space he left to cuddle up to him.

A: "Today is my favourite day."

E: "Why? All we've done since we got here is unpack, or rather you looked on while I unpacked."

A: "I don't know. I just feel...I like being here, I like being with you. Without anyone else. It's...nice. It feels nice."

E: "Yeah, it does."

A: "I'm going to try and sleep now. Just warning you now, if I accidentally shove you out of the bed in my sleep I take no responsibility."

E: "That's a worrying statement."

A: "Night, Eli."

E: "Goodnight, Aeryn."

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