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The six mates of Jungkook decided to meet him at a park, it was all Jin's idea since he wants to know more about his mate. The others agreed to this as they also want to know more about the youngest.

Jungkook waited for his mates who promised to be there at 10. Now it was 9, so they had so much time to arrive. The younger saw an ice cream truck, so he stood up and decided to buy something. He got infront of the seller, giving his money as he already decided what to get. After he got his ice cream, he walks tot he bench he was in.

He looks around the park, his eyes directing to a little girl who was running around. He saw the girl running towards the road, looking around as he saw a truck. He gasps before be uses his powers. His eyes and hair changed to a color purple, meaning that he used his protective shield which he called more as a force field. The girl stopped as she looks at the purple bubble that saved her from being hit, getting more curious when it disappeared. She looks around as Jungkook acted normal, not wanting to have any suspicious toward him.

Jungkook then heard his name being called, looking around as he saw his mates waving to him. The six then got infront of him, standing up as he bowed to them.
"No need for that, Jungkook" Jin said as he smiled from the younger's polite manners.
"Sorry, just a habit" The youngest laughed as he fiddles with his fingers.

"Let's get to know each other more, baby"

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