When They're Upset

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Sidenote for people who've asked questions about this since i disappeared; korekiyo's sister just doesn't fuckin exist here. i don't CARE that that fucks with his character a bit. so no, when he takes off his mask, that's not his sister, that's just him wearing lipstick.

•Leon gets snappy and a little moody when he gets sad or depressed.
•He'll probably either be silent towards you or snap at you for little things.
•However, if you be blunt and call him out for it, he's gonna break and admit how he feels.
•He'll probably start crying and apologizing over and over for how he acted.
•He'll calm down after a while, probably fall asleep

•Listen man
•He cries easily. Really, really easily.
•If he's upset you know it, cus there are tears.
•He might try to pretend they aren't there, you'll need to tell him that he's safe and it's okay that he's sad
•He'll eventually untense, letting himself cry and babble out whatever was messing with his head

•Oh boy.
•When he gets sad, his personality shifts entirely. He gets silent, staying his room
•You'll have to confront him first.
•He'll start rambling once you ask, it devolves into sobbing eventually
•When you try to hug him, he'll pull you into a bear hug and bury his face in your shoulder
•He's really emotional but doesn't let it out often

•He's surprisingly pretty honest about when he's upset
•He tells you straight up that he's sad, asks you for help.
•After, he'll just want to be with you quietly.
•He might cry, but he just wants to be close to you in comfortable quiet
•In due time he'll tell you what's wrong, but he just needs some time to gather his thoughts but he doesn't want to be alone.

•i mean he's sad pretty often
•it's easy to spot too, he appreciates that you can figure it out easily as he struggles with admitting his feelings
•He'll just want to be able to cry with you.

•oh no baby what happened >:0
•He comes right to you, crying and hugging you tight
•he honestly doesn't hesitate when it comes to telling you how he feels

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•He's usually calm and collected, but once he gets emotional, he's a mess.
•He starts ranting, talking quicker and quicker becoming more and more frantic until you stop him
•He'll go kinda limp, just hugging you, crying into your shoulder

•He doesn't tell you right away, but doesn't try hide it. You'll probably find him just sitting in bed.
•He'll be honest with you, telling you why he's sad or upset
•He's very aware of what he needs when it comes to emotional support, so unless it's something extremely serious he'll be able to tell you what he needs

•He gets super pessimistic when he's upset
•He starts refusing any idea that he deserves better, that he's great, starts saying that he's no hero at all
•He needs support for a while, you'll have to tell him the opposite of the things he keeps saying over and over
•He'll come around eventually, and thank you profusely for not giving up on him.

•He gets quiet and depressed
•He wants to just be held and rant quietly.
•He doesn't really want you to respond, he just wants to rant out whatever's bothering him

Sorry it was so short! It's been a while since i wrote :/
Coming up (eventually): proposal

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