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josh locked his door, checking everything again before he slid out of his window. he made his way down to the end of the roof, and climbed down the side of the house.

something he's done plenty of times before. he looked around, making sure he was still good, before walking over and climbing inside tylers truck.

it was around 1am, and joshs family was asleep. he texted tyler, wondering if he was up for a little fun. sure enough tyler said yes, and now here they were.

"wow, looks like you might have done that before." tyler said, once he got in the truck.

"maybe a few times." josh smirked. "so, where we going?"

"i gotta go get some more condoms. after we can go somewhere no ones at and climb in the backseat." tyler said, reaching over and grabbing joshs thigh.

"that sounds like it could be fun." josh said in a slightly teasing manner.

"oh, it will be." tyler said back.

"how was your day?" josh asked.

"it was good. didn't really do much. i went to the gym with zack and that's pretty much it." tyler said. "what about you?"

"oh yeah. i went to the gym too. yeah." he said sarcastically. tyler laughed. "no, i just chilled all day with my little brother and watched movies."

"aw that's sweet. how old is he?" tyler asked.

"he's 5." josh nodded. "year older than jay."

"aw i wanna meet him." tyler said.

"he's my favorite sibling." josh admitted.

"i bet, he's the only other boy." tyler chuckled. "maddys the only girl."

"shes gonna be well protected." josh said.

"oh yeah, no way in hell i'd let her sneak out like me." he said, his grip on joshs thigh tightening.

josh giggled, unbuckling his seatbelt as they arrived at the store. he followed closely behind tyler as they walked in and headed towards the condom and lube area.

"alright, find the extra thin magnum xls." tyler said, bending over a little and looking.

"ribbed?" josh said, raising his eyebrows a little.

"no, extra thin." tyler shook his head. "right here." he found them, grabbing them.

"but....ribbed..." josh said again, staring at the box.

"no, i like these ones." tyler said. "come on."

"but what about the ribbed?" josh said, looking up at him.

"josh. no. extra thin." tyler shook the box.

".....but ribbed."

"josh! no!" tyler laughed. "ultra thin, or nothing."

"fine." he huffed, walking to the register with tyler. he kind of hid behind him as the lady checked them out.

he grabbed the bag and walked back to the truck, josh climbing in after.

"we should've got the ribbed." josh said.

"ohmygod josh these are just fine!" tyler laughed again.

"i wanted to try them!" josh whined.

"is my dick not enough for you?" tyler asked. "cause that's fine i'll take you back home."

"noooooooo." he whined, reaching over and grabbing tylers bicep.

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