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"why didn't you tell me that tyler was gonna have his whole entire basketball team over?" josh whined. 

"he's not having the whole entire team over." zack laughed. "just 3 people."

"so three hot 20 year old guys. nothing can go wrong."

"hey you don't know if they're hot or not." zack said.

"is brendon gonna be there?" josh asked.

"yeah." zack said.

"hot." josh said, zack laughing. brendon was a senior with tyler, and played basketball for worthington with him and zack. he plays at osu with tyler. they room together up there also.

"well he's gay so i wish you the best." zack said.

"i'd rather have you're brother." josh said.

"yeah, we all know." zack laughed. little did he know.

"who else." josh asked.

"brendon, this guy named gage, and you might know justin green?" zack asked.

"uhhhh, did he go to union high school?" joshs asked. 

"yeah. yeah he's a baller." zack said.

"yeah he's also hot. so that's at least 2/3." josh said.

"you'll probably think gage is hot too." zack said.

"boom 3/3. 4/4 counting tyler. that's so many hot guys i'm gonna die."

"chillll theyll be in tylers room mostly. or in the pool." zack said.

"i have a perfect view." josh smirked, pointing to the window zack had, that pointed out to the pool.

"creep." zack joked.

"yolo." josh replied.

"we're gonna go swim with them if they do get in the pool." zack said.

"what? why?!" josh whined.

"causeee, tyler texted me and said he wanted us too. plus everyone's gone so it'll be fun." zack said. right now, it was just josh zack and tyler at the house.

"well, fuck tyler." josh said, zack chuckling. josh knew he did that on purpose. "is keelie gonna be there?"

"no. brendon and them don't like her." zack said.

"why not?" josh asked.

"cause they knew that she fucked one of tylers like ex friends. they're the ones who told him." zack said.

"ohhhhh." josh said. he remembered tyler telling him that.

"hey do you wanna go to town with jasmine and Kirsten tomorrow?" zack asked.

"sure."  josh chuckled.

"i think they're planning on it. well, jas is at least." zack said.

"then yeah i'm down." josh said, stretching out.

"they're here." zack said, hearing the front door open, and the loud group come in.

"god they're loud." josh said, focused on his game on his phone. he heard tylers voice, and then all of them start laughing. he recognized the voices.

he rolled his eyes, once he saw he got a text from tyler on snapchat.

t: come down here

j: why

t: i wanna see you

j: i'm good

t: bitch

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