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josh got comfy in bed, before turning his lamp off and cuddling into his pillow. he turned on his tv, and picked a show before grabbing his phone.

it was currently 10:00pm and josh was kind of just chillin before bed.

he yawned and stretched, before getting on snapchat and opening snaps. he answered the people he wanted to.

he came across tylers, opening up the mirror selfie of him shirtless at the gym, in some sweatpants material grey nike shorts.

josh snapped a picture of his chest and collarbones, typing "you only wear those pants so people will look at your dick"

a little bit later, he got a notification on snapchat, from brendon. now today was the day after their pool day, so this was the first time brendon had snapped him.

it was just a picture of him smiling. he looked like he was in his room. josh took a similar picture and sent it back.

tyler answered with a picture in the mirror again, but it was more focused on his bulge. "they got you lookin tho"

josh smiled, snapping a picture of his shirtless abdomen and shorts. "they did, i will admit"

he answered brendon next, opening his picture of brendon in the mirror now. he loved when guys did that, knowing their were showing off their body. brendon was in joggers and no shirt, his toned abdomen showing. "you're so cute"

josh blushed, smiling a bit. he took a picture of him smiling again and sent it back. "you're so hot"

he opened tylers next, receiving a picture of his sweaty face, and messy hair. "good. better have"

he got up and snapped a picture of him in the mirror real quick, aimed towards his lower stomach. "my hickeys are gone"

josh swiped up to his memory's, scrolling over to his my eyes only. he unlocked it, because he wanted to look at his pictures in there.

the most recent one, was a picture of him and tyler smiling together, just a selfie. that was followed by a picture of them in the mirror, tylers hand gripping joshs ass and joshs leg hiked up on him.

he had a bunch more dirty pictures of them and of tyler that he went through, because he was kind of in the mood.

after that, he opened brendons snap, which was from the back camera, of his stomach down, uncovered by the blanket. "thank you babyboy"

"fuck fuck fuck." josh said, blushing and freaking out like a little girl. he loved being called that.

he smiled big, taking a picture of his face smiling with his eyes closed. "i like that name"

it was a little bit before tyler answered, and when he did, it was a picture of him at home now. he was in the mirror, his free hand gripping his dick. "wish you could come over, i'd give you some more"

josh whined, squeezing his legs together as he felt butterfly's in his stomach. he took a picture of his jawline and chest. "wish i could too😍😍"

josh realized, he has the opportunity to receive dick pics from two very very attractive boys in the same night at the same time. it's dangerous to give him this much power.

he opened brendons snap, of his face, his eyebrows slightly raised, and his lips slightly upturned. "i like it for you too. you know what else i'd like?"

josh thought, not knowing where he was going with it. he snapped a picture of his jawline. "what else?"

next was tylers, a picture of him smiling. "when's the next time you're coming over for zack"

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