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The seven laughs as the oldest said another joke, not laughing by it but it was the laugh that came after. The bell then rang, indicating that they had another hours of classes that will bore them. They separated ways, two coming with eachother which means they had the same class.

Jungkook sat at the seat he were assigned to, his now boyfriend on the other.
"Let's start" The professor said before she writes what lesson they were about to learn.

After that class, Jungkook was walked by Taehyung to his class, waving bye as he left to go to his own too. This class was a class he had with Jimin, his other new boyfriend.
"Jiminie hyung!" Jungkook exclaimed as he sat down beside the older.
"Hi baby" Jimin said, kissing the boy's forehead as he intertwined their hands.

Since this class was Chemistry, they all had to do experiments. As they were all doing the experiments, Jungkook noticed something. The others flame was open and because of his boredom taking over him, he got an idea. His hair and eyes changed to a color of red with a little bit of orange. He flicked his finger as he pointed it to something. It was a paper that burned as he puts it in fire. He then sensed that something bad is gonna happen, which did as something got caught in fire.

His hair and eyes then changed to a color white, pointing his finger towards where the fire was. As he did this, wind blew the fire away, making all the people inside sigh in relief. As they looked for the source of saving their lives, Jungkook quickly changed his hair and eyes to its natural color. Not finding the source, all of them got back to their work. Jimin stared at what he just saw, smiling as he mentally clapped for Jungkook.

"Wow, that's so cool"

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