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I sat on the edge of my bed , holding my phone in my hand , contemplating calling him first . I never wanted to leave him , not like this anyways , I just wanted to see what my life would be like if my father wasn't in it . What it felt like to not fear every minute of being in that house. But it gave me some clarity , I guess .

That my brothers were raised to be exactly like my father , but they are all different versions . Stefano is the strength , Raul is the cruelty , Diego is the naive , Javi is the quiet and Marco is the paranoid. They all have traits that they took from my father , whether they know it or not .

I shouldn't have to apologise for wanting to go home but I will if it stops our fights and arguments, I'll apologise every time if I have to because I love him , and he loves me . He's hurt and thinks that I was going to leave him . But that's not what happened at all . I was going to reject my brothers offer face to face so that it wasn't done over a stupid phone call , although maybe that would've been a better idea .

I don't want to loose the only good thing I've ever had because I was too stubborn to apologise.


It was 9pm . Ice stood outside of Ace's mansion door nervously. "He's going to kill me" Ice smacked his forehead, probably thinking that he was stupid for doing this . "Let me in Ice" I held the door handle . Ice glanced at me , giving me an unsure look before opening the door . Ace wouldn't be suspicious of someone coming in because all the inner circle have keys to his house ...... which is quite danger now that I think about it .

I wandered up the stairs , walking pass Ace's office to see that he wasn't in it . I stopped at his room and my heart was pounding . How would he react to me coming here . It's been almost 3 days , he must miss me too . After all , he is the clingy one . I'm joking , we're equally clingy .

I pressed my ear against Ace's door . There was no noise , it was so quiet you could probably hear a pin drop . "He sleeps when he's badly injured, it's the only time he sleeps to be honest" Dante appeared out of nowhere , I just gave him a nod ."I loved you , I love you" he suddenly spat out . It's like a weight was instantly lifted off of his chest . "I knew you had feelings for me , but I didn't know that you were in love with me" I frowned my eyebrows at him . "Who wouldn't be in love with you" He gave me a slight smile . "I just thought I'd tell you before I leave" Dante shrugged walking away .

"Where are you going?" I spoke quietly, but I was eager to know . "I'm going to go lead one of Ace's smaller bases in California , I probably won't be back , atleast I got see you one last time" he looked upset but still had a smile plastered on his face . "Dante no" I shook my head , letting it fall . "See ya around , Sofia" he walked down the stairs . I waved him goodbye before placing my hand on the door . I opened it , only for the door to creek causing me to cringe .

He was asleep , lying on his bed with his whole battered and bruised body spread across it . He lay on his stomach while he had his arm under his pillow and his legs stretched across the bed in opposite directions . He doesn't even have to use the blanket since he's always so warm . Ace had only his underwear on. I smiled softly at him at peace for once . I had never witnessed him actually asleep . He let out a snore making me giggle quietly. In that moment I forgot that we were fighting or that I hurt him .

I think I should just leave him to sleep , he doesn't get a lot of it anyways , my apology can wait .

I turned around to leave before I heard him speak . "Sofia" he muttered half asleep , still lying in the same position, the only difference was that his eyes were open. "I was just going to leave" I mumbled quietly , struggling to control my breathing . He didn't reply instead I could hear his even breaths . "Stay" he whispered in almost a breath . I glanced at his body with a sad expression , he was hurt , pretty badly too because of me .

I took off my jacket and all my clothes and threw on a t-shirt and my shorts. I climbed in beside him, pulling the blankets over me. Ace groaned in pain as he pulled me close to his body. Our bodies were pressed against eachother, his was extremely warm. "I'm sorry, I would never leave you, I just wanted to decline face to face that's all" I mumbled, stroking his hair. "I'm sorry too" he mumbled with his eyes closed. "Are you tired" I whispered, reviving a nod from him in response.

"You can sleep , I'll be here" I kissed his forehead before he grabbed my cheek , pressing his lips against mine with his eyes still shut . Then he snuggled his head between my chin and neck causing me to wrap my hands around his head . "I can't get enough of you" he mumbled , I felt his breath against my chest which sent tingles up my spine . "I love you" he whispered . "I love you" I said quietly, a smile slowly spreading across my face . His words made the hair on the back of my neck stand up . I don't think I'll ever get used to him telling me that he loves me .

"Go asleep baby" I hushed him while holding him tight . He hummed in response. A few minutes passed and I could feel that his breathing had become even again , signalling that he was asleep . My eyelids were becoming heavier by the second and within 2 minutes, I had fallen asleep too , holding the love of my life in my arms . There is no better place , there is no better person ..... to me.

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