Chapter 3

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Spencer's POV

The strangely attractive boy who found me, whose name I've learned is Aiden, is practically dragging me through the woods. He seems to know the way back easily, making me stumble past roots that he glides over effortlessly.

He tries to make small talk, but seeing that I won't respond, he starts asking yes or no questions.

"Are you newly rogue?" I nod, while tripping over a large root that happens to be in my way.

"Are you newly shifted?" I think about if I should answer this. Will he mistreat me for shifting late?

Feeling like I can trust him, I nod my head yes shyly.

He sees my hesitance on the topic so he drops it. I'm very glad he cares about my feelings enough to stop.

"Do you know about mates?" I give him the 'kind of' shake of my hand, since I knew they existed but not what it entails. My parents where waiting for my shift to explain, and when I never did they just left me clueless.

"Well I'll explain them. Mates are made by the Moon Goddess. They are bound by their souls, which creates a special bond between them," he starts off. "They feel sparks when they touch and easily get lost in each other's eyes. First comes the meeting, then marking, and then they mate."

Ohhh... I felt sparks when I touch him, I feel them radiating from his palm right now. I point at him in question, asking if he's my mate.

"Yes, I am your mate, little one," he says quite smugly. I roll my eyes at him, gaining confidence in myself.

He looks at me with shock but quickly covers it with an arrogant expression, "What? You should be happy that you got such an attractive mate!" That makes me laugh. He sure is full of himself.

I shake my head unbelievably, wondering what the Moon Goddess has planned.

We reach the pack house, but it looks more like a castle. Where am I? Did I run into our ruthless neighbor's pack?

They don't seem very ruthless from what I've seen. Aiden leads me up the stairs to his room. We have to walk up so many flights of stairs, I think I'm going to die!

We reach the floor his room is on and I see it has its own kitchen and living room. That's convenient. Still holding my hand, Aiden drags me to his room. He sits me on the bed and I take a look around.

His bed sheets are navy blue, having hardwood floors and white walls. His furniture is made of dark wood and there is a massive T.V. hanging above his dresser. There are three doors in this room, one leading to the hallway, and probably one for the closet and one for the bathroom.

Aiden brings me a cup of water, and I take it gratefully. I practically chug the whole cup of water, not remembering when the last time I stopped for a drink was.

Aiden chuckles lightly at me, making me blush a deep red. I lower the cup from my mouth when I am finished, and grab Aiden's hand. I give it a quick squeeze in thanks, trying to show him that I'm thankful.

Aiden smiles at me, and goes to retrieve something from a desk that's in the corner of the room.

He comes back with a notepad and pen, handing it to me. I take it cautiously, not knowing what he wants me to do with it.

"Maybe you could write your answers if you still don't feel comfortable talking," he says softly, having patience with me.

I nod and prepare to write.

"What's your name? I can't keep calling you little mate, no matter how much I love to," He says with a smirk. I roll my eyes and write down my response.

"Spencer. That's a beautiful name for a beautiful boy." He tests my name out on his tongue and nods lightly, seeming to like it. I blush again at his compliment, not used to being treated so well.

"How did you become a rogue?" Aiden's asks curiously, having no ill intent hidden behind his words.

I try to decide what to write, not wanting to give him my life story. I write, "Kicked out for being an omega and shifting late."

Aiden reads this and growls, scaring me. I flinch back in anticipation, waiting to be hit. My hands go up to protect my face. The pack members always growled at me when they hit me.

When no hit comes, I look up into Aiden's eyes. I see regret and compassion in his eyes. Aiden's eyes wander my body, now that I'm clothed. He sees all the bruises and scars that haven't faded. I see anger light up in his eyes, a fury that I can't describe. He doesn't growl to make sure he doesn't scare me.

He tries to stay calm when he asks, "What pack did you come from?"

I write timidly, not wanting to make a sudden move and have him lash out at me.

"The Red Claw Pack? We have an alliance with them. Did they mistreat you?" He asks angrily.

I nod, and look down in shame. I don't want to get my pack in trouble! Well technically they aren't my pack anymore. They kicked me out.

Aiden puts his hand under my chin and lifts my face up. I'm soon looking him in the eyes, getting hopelessly lost in them.

Suddenly I'm distracted as I hear footsteps approaching the room. A large man walks in, having Aiden's green eyes. This must be his father.

"Who is this? And what did you do with the rogue?" The man questions Aiden, who looks down sheepishly.

"The rogue turned out to be my mate. This is Spencer," Aiden says with a proud smile on his face.

The man who I assume is the Alpha, looks me up and down. I bare my neck to him, showing him my submission. As an omega, I submit to everyone, especially the Alpha.

"No need for that, Spencer. I'm glad my little boy finally got to meet you!" The Alpha suddenly looses his serious face and gets all excited. His eyes blur out and I soon hear another pair of footsteps.

In walks a beautiful woman, with long brown hair and striking blue eyes. She has a strong presence when she walks in the room, she also seems to be an Alpha. I bare my neck again, not wanting to displease her.

"Who is this?" She asks questioningly towards Aiden.

"My mate, Spencer," Aiden states. The woman starts jumping up  and down, seemingly excited.

"I can't wait to hang out with him! The girls will be so excited to meet you and go shopping! They love to shop! And we can go swimming! I'm good at swimming, Jaxson taught me!" The woman rambles.

This will be exciting.

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