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"You guys wouldn't believe what I just saw!" Jimin said as he looks at the others with wide eyes. Yoongi looks at him with his usual bored eyes.
"What is it again, did you see two girls kissing? Or dogs mating? If not, then what is it?" The second oldest asks, pointing out the things Jimin saw for he past years. The said male just rolled his eyes and gets back on telling what he just saw.
"Jungkook's a white omega" He said, amusement in his voice.

"How'd you know?" Jin asks, sipping on his metal straw.
"He was using his powers, his hair and eyes changed color and he saved the class lives" Jimin said as he took a bite of his burger.
"Well, let's confront him" Namjoon said as he finished his fries. They all agreed before continuing on finishing their food.

"Ggukie, we have something to ask" Taehyung said as he held the boy's hand.
"What is it, Hyungies?" Jungkook asks as he looks at them with his big doe eyes.
"Your Jimin Hyung saw you doing something an hour ago, what did you do?" Jin softly said, holding both of the boy's hands.
"Oh, that, well--I was bored in class, so I decided to play around, using my fire power but then I saw that a paper got burned and it was near the flammable things, so I used my wind power" The boy explained before smiling his bunny smile.

"But he said that your hair and eyes changed colors?" Hoseok asks, confusion plastered on his face.

"Oh, that's how my powers work, changing my hair and eye color to indicate what power I'm using"

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