Chapter 4

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Spencer's POV

The Alphas have left, leaving me alone with Aiden. I don't know what to expect from him since we just met. This will be interesting.

I'm still sitting on the navy blue bed, trying to keep my thoughts away from my pack. Aiden now knows what pack I came from... what if they do something to them? Sure, they mistreated me, but I don't want anything to happen to them.

I'm snapped out of my thoughts when Aiden says, "What are you thinking so hard about, Spence?"

Still having my notepad, I write down, "Spence?"

"Yes, Spence. It's your name but shorter. Perfect nickname material!" He is practically beaming with pride at the nickname, but I'm not impressed.

I roll my eyes, but I secretly like that he gave me a nickname. This means he intends to keep me around.

"It's getting late, how about we go to bed? I'll sleep on the couch if that makes you more comfortable... even though I don't want to," he pouts at me, trying to persuade me into sleeping in the same bed as him.

I feel bad taking his bed, but he's the one who offered so who am I to argue? I point at the couch, letting him know he's sleeping there.

His mouth turns down even more, and a quick flash of hurt passes over his face before he covers it with an indifferent mask. I quickly write down, "Sorry, please don't be mad." I feel an ache in my chest, wanting to be close to him. But I'm not ready yet.

He reads the paper and his look softens, "Don't worry, Spence. I'm not mad, just a little sad. Maybe tomorrow we can discuss this again." He sends me an award winning smirk, before grabbing a pillow and blanket out of his closet.

He sets up his makeshift bed, leaving me to head to the bathroom to relieve myself and brush my teeth. Aiden walks in, and I point to a toothbrush, silently asking if he has one for me.

"Yea there is one here under the sink," he leans down and opens the dark wood cabinet, and stands back up with a packaged toothbrush. He opens it up for me like the gentleman he is, and hands it to me with a bow.

I chuckle at his antics, and proceed to brush my teeth. Aiden brushes his too, and once we are finished, we spit and clean up.

We walk back to the room, our shoulders occasionally bushing against each other, the sparks exploding down my arm.

I climb into bed, and try to sleep. It's hard when his scent is so suffocating. He smells like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. It's heavenly, and I just lay there inhaling his scent over and over again.

Soon I'm dozing, the sound of my mates breathing lulling me to a restless sleep.

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