Chapter 5

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Spencer's POV

I wake up from a nightmare, breathing heavy, eyes watering. I was reliving my past, all the horrible things the pack did to me.

I look around the room, and faintly see the outline of Aiden's body. Not knowing what I'm doing, I get up and tap him on the shoulder, disrupting his sleep.

When I finally realize what I just did, I back away frantically, trembling. What if he gets mad at me? What will he do to me then?

Aiden is looking at me with confusion through the dark room. The only light source being the moon, coming in through a large window over the couch.

"Are you okay, Spence? What's wrong?" Aiden asks patiently, seemingly not mad at me for waking him, just worried. I grab the notepad that I sat on the nightstand and write one word, "Nightmare."

He nods his head understandingly, and I point at me, then him on the couch. I try to show that I want to sleep with him, hopefully to calm my nerves.

Getting what I'm trying to say, Aiden scoots over on the rather large couch, and opens his arms up wide. I climb onto the couch, and Aiden puts his arms around me comfortingly. My head rests on his firm, naked chest, and the sparks calm me down. They radiate off of him, his arm wrapping around me causing me to be enveloped in them.

I snuggle closer into his chest, feeling comfortable for the first time in a long time.

And with that, I finally fall into a restful sleep.


I feel a stare on my face, I can feel the eyes looking at me. I slowly open my eyes to see Aiden looking down at me. He has a light smile on his face, and seems to be admiring me.

I try to get up, but I'm quickly squeezed back into a hard chest. I forgot there was an arm wrapped around me, trapping me close to Aiden. I scramble to get away, but soon freeze when I hear an almost silent growl. Oh no, he's mad! I'm going to get hit.

I shrink back away as far as I can go, not wanting to be in his proximity when he blows up.

I hear his beautiful voice say, "Sorry for growling, I just didn't want you to get away. I'm enjoying this."

I slowly nod, accepting his apology. I understand because I'm enjoying this position too. Forgetting my attempt to flee, I cuddle back into his chest and try to go back to sleep. Because of the nightmare last night, I didn't get much sleep.

"Come on, little mate. It's time to wake up," Aiden says softly. I groan, not wanting to get up. He chuckles lightly, laughing at my reluctance.

I finally push my self up and stumble over to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth quickly, I walk back in to the room to see Aiden just laying on the couch.

"Hypocrite!" I exclaim angrily. I then realize what I just did.

Aiden shoots right up into a sitting position, his eyes wide and shock written on his face.

"You spoke," he states surprise lighting up his features.

I quickly grab my notepad and write, "I only talk when I feel safe. I guess I feel safe with you."

Aiden reads the notepad fast, and looks up to me with a grin on his face. He pulls me into a tight hug and says, "I'm glad you feel safe with me. Don't ever be afraid to talk, you are safe here."

I'm getting squeezed by him, not being able to breathe. "Can't. Breathe."

Aiden lets go of me quickly, and looks down at me like I'm his whole world. "Your voice is so beautiful. It sounds like a symphony, all working together to make the most amazing sound."

I look down bashfully, embarrassed at the compliment. My voice isn't that nice! It's quite average to be honest.

I whisper a quiet, "Thanks," before Aiden smiles even wider and goes to brush his teeth.

When he gets back, he grabs my hand and leads me to the kitchen. When we arrive, there are the Alphas and one other girl. She looks to be almost Aiden's age.

Aiden makes our presence known with a loud, "Whats up?"

I hide behind Aiden as the girl squeals, and jumps off her seat. She runs to me, and introduces herself, "Hi! I'm Nadia, this stupid dudes sister."

I nod and wave shyly, and everyone says a loud, "Awwwww!" I blush a deep red, so embarrassed.

Aiden grabs the attention away from my blushing when he says, "He doesn't speak much so don't expect a response. He does have a notepad so he'll be using that."

I nod along, happy I don't have to try to explain all of this to them.

We walk over to the kitchen counter and I see pancakes and bacon. I haven't had a full meal in years, so when Aiden hands me my plate, I scarf down my food like my life depends on it.

Everyone stares at me, causing me to blush and slow down.

Light conversation is made over breakfast, but what scares me is what Aiden says to the Alphas.

"I need to talk to you guys, alone, regarding Spencer's old pack."

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