Chapter five

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Breakfast devoured (Y/n) happily leans her head on the table, it's been a while since she's had such an enjoyable breakfast with lively chatter. With her stomach full, the warmth she feels wrap around her, and the fatigue she's been piling up for the last 24 hours seems to be catching up with her as her eyelids start to feel heavy.

(Y/n) wants nothing more than to take a well deserved nap. Her limbs feel like they're made of lead, and her brain feels foggy, but she can't, "Chores," (Y/n) mumbles lightly banging her head on the table, forcing herself to find the energy to get up. Energy not found. 'Welp fake it till you make it,' she thinks to herself, suddenly popping up and smacking her cheeks to wake up a bit, Hoseok jumps at (Y/n)s sudden movement and the unexpected self-given slap.

Hopping out of her chair (Y/n) pastes a smile on her face and politely thanks Jin for the wonderful breakfast, even going as far as to promise that she'll cook for him next. Thanking (Y/n) for the compliment and promise of food Jin smiles fondly and gently pats her on the head, simply telling (Y/n) that he's looking forward to it.

So (Y/n) starts cleaning up the dishes on the table, all seven of them look at her confused as to why she's doing chores, wasn't she just tired? Struggling to stay awake kind of tired, after everything she's gone through she should be resting right now. Jimin speaks up for all of them asking (y/n) in a baffled and slightly worried tone, "(Yyy/nnn) what are you doin?"

"Cleaning your dishes so I can return them to you guys? I've got to clean all that anyway so it's the least I can do as a thank you" (Y/n) smiles sweetly as she motions towards the dishes still in the sink. The seven demons are now even more confused, this girl wants to clean and return the dishes Jin, A DEMON, materialised out of thin air on a whim, as thanks for the food that they ate more of then her.

All of Bts collectively sigh, Jungkook looks towards Namjoon waiting for a nod of approval, once he receives one Jungkook gets out of his chair and heads towards (Y/n). Putting his hands on her shoulders (Y/n) lets out a little squeak and cautiously looks up at Jungkook. "Was I being too annoying? Too loud? I'm sorry....I won't do it again...I'll be quiet now," (Y/n) meekly apologises immediately caving in on herself, the tired but bright girl gone in an instant.

Panicking for a second Jungkook says to (Y/n) as he's pushing her out the kitchen, "no no no, (Y/n) you're good, we're not mad or anything, I honestly think you're too good, it's just... you're really tired, I can tell, you need to rest." Jungkook scratched the back of his head awkwardly giving his best, non intimidating smile, as Hoseok, Taehyung and Jimin passionately vocalise their agreement in the background, while Namjoon, Jin and Yoongi just nod their heads.

"Thank you for worrying but I'm fine... honestly. I'm sorry for worrying you, I promise I'll be so quiet you'll forget I even exist," (Y/n) gingerly retaliates, trying her best to convince Jungkook that she's okay, "anyway I've got a lot more work to do then those dishes, and I can't possibly make you guys do it" (Y/n) reasons respectfully as she slip out of Jungkook's grasp and scurrys back to the kitchen.

Accepting the challenge a devilish smile spreads across his face. Confidently striding over to (Y/n) Jungkook easily picks (Y/n) up and throws her over his shoulder, another squeak escapes her mouth along with a timid, please let me down, "No can do (Y/n) my dear," he smirks mischievously.

Without warning the room caves in on them as (Y/n) is abruptly plunged into swirling darkness, paired with the strange discomfort that her body was fine yet also... not fine? It's a hard feeling to explain, like an out of the body experience yet she is still caged inside her body. Scared out of her mind (Y/n) desperately clings to Jungkook shutting her eyes tight.

As soon as the feeling came about it disappeared, Jungkook is enjoying the sight of (Y/n) holding onto him tightly, hugging him like he's a huge teddy bear and she's a child afraid of the monsters under her bed. Although Jungkook is probably closer to the monster than the teddy bear. With a deep voice he whispers into (Y/n)s ear, "you can open your eyes now."

Slowly (Y/n) opens her deep (e/c) eyes, she didn't really know what to expect when she opened her eyes, but one thing is for sure, she didn't expect to be in her room. Jungkook playfully throws (Y/n) down onto her bed, covers her with a blanket, and tenderly pats (Y/n)s head, "you need to sleep, so rest up okay? Or I'll punish you" he winks cheekily, making (Y/n) go bright red as he disappears from the room.

Jungkook appears back in the kitchen/ dining room, "I put her in bed, it shouldn't be long until she'll be out like a light, she's exhausted" he reports to Everyone.
"I know this is an obvious question but that girl hasn't been living a normal life has she?" Jimin asks despite already knowing the answer.

Sighing Namjoon nods sombrely, "when we saw her in the church she was surrounded by such a pure darkness, I was nearly... No I Was 100% sure she was messed up, but I didn't think she would be messed up in such a pure, sinless way. I've never seen such a thing before."

Yoongi opens his mouth to add something, but stops in his tracks when he feels a certain presence coming towards the door, Yoongi turns and teases Jungkook, "put to sleep? She seems pretty awake to me."

(Y/n) enters the room soon after ready to apologise for not listening to them. It's just she can't let them do the work that's meant to be her punishment, what if they hate her for it? What if Aunt Gretta finds out? However before she can even open her mouth to say sorry Jungkook once again throws her over his shoulder. Yelping for a third time they teleport to her room for the second time.

Thrown onto her bed yet again (Y/n) doesn't give up in mumbling her desperate excuses to Jungkook, he silenced her by placing a single finger on her soft lips accompanied by a soft, soothing hush, "twice you've not listened to me, I'll let you off one last time okay? Three strikes and you're out you know? Anyway it's this what got you in trouble-" Jungkook points at the mark on (Y/n)s arm "-we are the reason you got that, so in a way your punishment is meant for us."

Grabbing (Y/n)s arm Jungkook pulls her close to him and lays down, head on his chest (Y/n) almost melts in Jungkook's embrace, how long has it been since she last had such a warm hug? "be a good girl and sleep for me okay?" Jungkook says lazily as he begins to brush his hand through (Y/n)s hair.

Laying there in silence she listens to him slowly breathing in and out, no heartbeat could be heard. He really is a demon, looking up at him (Y/n) traces every feature on his face with her eyes. Allowing herself to be enchanted with his handsome features until she finds the exhaustion she was trying so hard to hold back wash over her in almost soothing waves.

Eyes drifting shut (Y/n) curls up allowing her consciousness to drift off into the sea of sleep, all the while staying warm in Jungkook's comforting embrace.

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